If you want to start investing investing in real estate, check out these expert recommended booksWhenever compiling a reading list, my goal is to discover what the real experts are reading. When it comes to finding the best real estate finance books this isn’t so easy.

There’s no shortage of self-proclaimed experts.

There is however a shortage of expertise.

It was thus important to have some type of filter.

Type in “real estate finance books” into Amazon, you get some textbooks with a few “get rich quick” books.

While textbooks can be useful, my goal was to find traditional books. I’ve always found traditional books as a more interesting way to learn a subject.

Which brings me back to finding the books those who have expertise have learned from.

The one place I found helpful was the recommended reading for real estate finance classes from major Universities.

Professors at top Universities are often active in the field, with deep knowledge in their subject.

For a field with a lot of “get rich quick” books, the filter of being a professor at a top tier school, helps separate the wheat from the chaff.

So what are top University professors calling the best real estate finance books?

Let’s find out.

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University of Minnesota | Recommended Real Estate Finance Books

In Professor Peter H. Brown’s Private Sector Development has the most comprehensive real estate reading list I found.

The range of books cover a lot of topics you may not consider real estate specific.

USC | Best Real Estate Finance Books

Enrolling into the  Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development program, students are expected to read the following books.

New York University | Best Real Estate Finance Books

In New York’s Universities’ Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship Class, the recommend reading list is: