Best Current Fetch Rewards App Promo Code

Fetch Rewards App Promo Code
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Fetch Rewards is one of our favorite cash-back apps thanks to the fact that you can submit any receipt and earn bonus points on various products.

If you’re a new user, sign up with the promo code FETCH300 to earn 300 bonus points, which is equivalent to $0.30.

This link should apply the code automatically. 

To double-check that the code was applied automatically, do the following once you’re signed up:

  1. Open the Fetch Rewards app and go to the “Account” tab
  2. Tap “Refer a Friend.”
  3. Look for the referral code FETCH300.

If you signed up with a non-referral link, you’ll be prompted to enter the promo code during the signup process before you can access the app. 

If you do not see a prompt to enter a promo code, you likely used someone’s referral link and a code has already been applied to your account.

After creating your account and entering code FETCH300 when prompted, you must submit a photo of a receipt to earn the 300-point bonus. 

What to Expect With Fetch Rewards

When we tested Fetch Rewards for two weeks, we earned $2.50 in points. 

Scanning any retail, grocery, or restaurant receipt earns you at least 25 points (worth about $0.25). 

But we earned most of our points from bonus offers, which are special deals where you earn extra points for buying certain brands or products.

The minimum cash-out is just 3,000 points (equal to $3) for gift cards from major retailers like Amazon and Starbucks. 

Compared to many other cash-back apps, Fetch Rewards makes earning cash-back incredibly easy by rewarding you just for snapping quick photos of your receipts. Many other receipt-scanning apps require you to buy certain products and don’t provide anything for receipts alone. 

Overall, with consistent usage of the app, you can earn around $5 per month simply by taking a quick picture of your receipt each time you shop. 

For those who want to earn more, consider matching your purchases with the bonus offers within the app. In many cases, products in Fetch Rewards are listed in other cash-back apps, so there’s a chance to double up on rewards. 

Other Cash-Back Shopping First-Time User Promo Codes

Some other top referral codes and promos in the cash-back space include:

  • Upside. When you use the code AFF25 upon signing up for Upside, you’ll get an extra $0.25 cash-back per gallon on your first qualifying gas purchase (up to 50 gallons and only for new customers).
  • Ibotta. New Ibotta users who enter the referral code “frltllp” when signing up will get a $5 welcome bonus upon redeeming their first offer and submitting their first receipt.
  • Swagbucks. Get $10 in points for online purchases of $25 or more (no code required).
  • Rakuten. Use Rakuten the next time you shop online to get $30 cash-back on a qualifying purchase by clicking our Rakuten link and signing up as a new member.

In the case of Upside and Ibotta, you can double (or triple) up on the rewards you earn with Fetch. Check all three apps for the same offer to stack rewards. 

Download Fetch.

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