Rakuten Referral Bonus Link: $30 for New Members

Rakuten Referral Bonus
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Rakuten is currently offering new members $30 in cash-back after making a qualifying purchase of at least $30 within 90 days of signing up. 

The long-standing offer was unexpectedly discontinued in early 2024; where instead, you received 10% back for your first ten days. However, on July 11, we received confirmation from Rakuten that it was reinstated for a limited number of “influencers” on the platform.

Signing up through our Rakuten referral link ensures your eligibility for this promotion. No referral code is required. 

Rakuten Overview

Rakuten is one of our top online shopping portals thanks to its high standard cash-back rates, limited-time bonus offers that allow you to earn up to 20% cash-back, and consistently accurate purchase tracking. 

If you’ve never used a cash-back portal before, how it works is that you start your search via Rakuten’s website or app. Alternatively, you can download Rakuten’s browser extension after signing up, which will notify you any time the site you’re on offers cash-back. 

Once you click through to a site from Rakuten, proceed with the purchase as you normally would. Rakuten earns a commission from the retailer for sending you to their site, then they share a portion of this commission with you in the form of cash-back.

Rakuten pays quarterly via a paper check or PayPal deposit. 

Check out our Rakuten review to learn more. 

Rakuten Referral Program

Once you’ve signed up for Rakuten, you can immediately join their referral program, where you can share your link with friends and family and earn $30 after they make a qualifying purchase.

This includes your partner (or anyone else) living at the same address. 

In other words, you can sign up and make a qualifying purchase to earn the $30 bonus. Then, at the same time, you can refer your spouse or a family member. If they also make a qualifying purchase, they’ll get $30 and you’ll get an additional $30 for the referral, earning the two of you a combined $90. 

Rakuten Referral: Our Verdict

Rakuten’s referral bonus is the highest among cash-back sites and is worth taking advantage of if you’re not a Rakuten member.

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