Everlance Review: Track Miles and Expenses to Save on Taxes

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So you’ve got a side hustle. You’ve also got a whole lot of receipts, tax questions, invoices and expenses — not to mention a headache to go with them. 

How are you supposed to keep track of the ins and outs of the business you’ve just created?

Everlance is a mobile app designed to help solopreneurs and gig economy workers track their expenses and mileage to maximize their tax deductions and profits. Since your phone is with you nearly all the time, there are no receipts to save or mileage logs to keep.

Whether you’re a delivery driver, freelance writer or graphic designer, you can use Everlance to keep your business data organized.


Everlance is an app that keeps your business mileage data and receipts all in one place. It makes finding deductions and reporting for taxes quick and easy. The best part is that most of the features that side hustlers need come with the free version.

  • Track mileage manually or automatically.
  • Keep track of receipts via photos and notes.
  • Sort and export data to an Excel file.
  • Link a bank card to log transactions automatically.
  • Use categories to keep track of mileage and receipts for multiple gigs.
  • Glitchy receipt uploading function.
  • Automatically tracked trips are limited in the free version.
  • Doesn’t import electronic transactions in the free version.
  • No desktop version.

Everlance Overview

If you run any kind of small business — even if it’s just driving for DoorDash on the weekends — you’ll need to keep track of your receipts and any miles you drive to maximize the tax deductions you can take from your income. While tracking expenses and mileage will save you from overpaying Uncle Sam at tax time, it’s a pain to document every mile you drive and every receipt from every transaction. 

Everlance is an app designed to help small business owners and gig economy workers record mileage and expenses in a way that’s quick and easy. Since your phone is with you most of the time, you can keep track of your miles at the tap of a button, and logging a business expense is as quick as snapping a selfie. 

Everlance Key Features 

#1. Mileage Tracking

Using a mileage tracker is essential for maximizing your tax deductions. In Everlance, you can turn on automatic GPS tracking and the app will log your miles as you go. In the free version, you get 30 automatically tracked trips per month. 

If you forget to record a trip or run out of auto-tracking trips for the month, no worries. You can enter your starting and ending destinations to add your trip manually. You can even backdate trips!

#2. Digitized Receipts

Everlance captures the vendor, location, date, category, and notes about each transaction. You also have the option to upload or take a photo to attach to each expense (though the uploading function is glitchy).

#3. Expense Categorization

Customize the buckets you’d like your receipts to go in for easy data sorting later on. Everlance gives you the option to select one or more gig economy apps (like DoorDash, Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and Postmates) as categories. You can use Everlance to keep track of your personal spending too!

#4. Links to Bank Cards

You can link your debit or credit card to the Everlance app to log your business transactions automatically. (This feature is only available in the paid version.)

#5. Automatically Classifies Trips

Set rules to determine when to log your trips. For instance, if you always drive to your day job between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m., you can create a rule to make Everlance log that as commute time. If you drive for Uber every Saturday, it will recognize and categorize those hours as Uber time, not commute time. (This feature is only available in the paid version.)  

How I Use Everlance

Last year, my husband and I scored a great deal on a run-down house that we fixed up and turned into an Airbnb/rental property. We upgraded nearly everything in the house, from the flooring to the HVAC to the appliances. 

This venture included more trips to the hardware store than I’d care to remember. And because we lived in a remote area, we accumulated more than 6,800 miles of driving. During the height of renovations, we took several trips per week to the rental, each of which was 72 miles round trip. 

Since going to the rental house and the hardware store are business activities, the federal government allowed us to deduct the expenses of the trips from our profits. The easiest way to do this is to calculate the miles driven and multiply that number by the federal reimbursement rate, which was $0.625 per mile at the time. So each trip to the rental and back was worth $45. That adds up quickly.

Everlance also allows you to categorize your expenses and keep track of your receipts. This saved my bacon at tax time this year. 

I had dutifully taken pictures of all my receipts each time I purchased items for the rental and included notes about what I bought. When I called my accountant about filing taxes, he informed me that I had to sort out what I’d spent on capital improvements versus repairs, as each is treated differently for tax purposes.

The pictures of each receipt I’d stored in Everlance would have allowed me to retrieve all that information, but it would have taken hours to comb through. Thanks to the notes feature, sorting out the two different types of expenses only took a few minutes. 

Pricing and Alternatives

The basic features of Everlance come at the very affordable price of free. If you need more advanced reporting, automatic categorization for transactions, and automatic trip tracking, those options come with a paid plan. For individuals, Everlance Premium costs $60 per year, or $8 per month if you’re billed monthly. 

The extra features of Everlance Premium may well be worth it if you’re driving a lot of miles or performing a lot of business transactions. Catching $8 per month in forgotten miles or transactions would make the app pay for itself. 

But Everlance isn’t the only mileage-logging, expense-tracking app out there. Here’s how a few of Everlance’s competitors stack up.


This app is designed for large companies (like Coca-Cola) to keep track of their employee’s miles so they can be reimbursed, so it doesn’t have the same receipt-tracking features that Everlance does. But it is free.

The reviews for Motus aren’t great. Many users complain that the app shuts down and has to be restarted, that it is glitchy, and that the GPS location service drains the battery.


Hurdlr and Everlance are extremely similar. Both come with a free version and a paid version ($9.99 per month for Hurdlr), and the paid and free features are similar for each. Hurdlr does have some real-time tax estimating functionality, but this comes with the paid version. One odd complaint from some users is that Hurdlr only tracks mileage once you go over a certain speed (10 mph or so), which can cost you unlogged miles in heavy traffic. 


Like Everlance, Triplog offers a certain number of free automatically tracked trips (Triplog has 10 more than Everlance), but the free version lacks the receipt tracking function. The paid version costs $5.99 per month. 

Some users complain of a few glitches with Triplog’s GPS tracking, but overall the app has high user ratings. 


MileIQ has a few unique features that other mileage apps lack. The stuck-in-traffic feature gives you a 15-minute grace period before the app stops tracking your trip. MileIQ also has the ability to recognize your frequently-driven routes.

However, even the premium version of MileIQ doesn’t link to a bank account or credit card for expense tracking, and there’s no feature to track your hours.

Everlance FAQs

What’s the difference between the paid and free versions of Everlance?

There’s plenty of features that make the free version of Everlance worthwhile, but a few additional items make the paid version more user friendly. 

The Premium plan ($5 per month) comes with automatic trip tracking and classification, automatic expense tracking, and Excel & PDF data exports. Premium Plus ($10 per month) offers one-on-one training and VIP support. Everlance also offers business plans for enterprise users.

Does Everlance work with TurboTax, Jackson Hewitt or TaxSlayer?

Everlance does not link to tax filing software directly. To use Everlance data to file taxes, tap the Tax Center icon in the menu and use your mileage totals when you fill out your tax information.

Does DoorDash work with Everlance?

While Everlance doesn’t integrate directly with food delivery apps, DoorDashers can get three free months of the premium version of Everlance to keep track of their miles. Even if you drive for multiple food delivery apps, you can keep track of the mileage and expenses for each one by using Everlance’s categories.

Everlance Review: Summary and Final Verdict

Categorizing expense data is essential for any business, and Everlance makes that easy and convenient with a mobile app. While it isn’t perfect, Everlance’s variety of tools and categories make storing and sorting business data seem less intimidating.

Those that drive frequently for business (like rideshare or food delivery drivers) will likely benefit from the additional automatic trip tracking and bank/credit card integration that come with the paid version of Everlance. 

With that said, Everlance’s free features will meet the mileage tracking and receipt storage needs of most gig economy workers and side hustlers.

Download Everlance.

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