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How to Get Free Google Play Codes In 2021 (9 Ways That Actually Work)

Free Google Play Codes
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If you run a search for “rewards sites,” you’ll find dozens upon dozens of legit opportunities to earn rewards online.

However, only a few offer the ability to exchange your hard-earned rewards for Google Play credits or gift cards. 

This article provides you with a list of ways to get free Google Play codes, focusing on nine of the best sites from across the “get-paid-to” spectrum that offer that specific payout option. 

Note: The data contained throughout this article was collected on August 24, 2021. We update the post periodically to keep the numbers and ratings current.

#1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
4.2/5 with 2,408,348 votes4.7/5 with 135,118 reviews

Type of site: Surveys.

Minimum cash-out: $2.

Google created Google Opinion Rewards as an in-house market research tool. It lets market researchers create online surveys they can use to gain information about customers.

Google Opinion Rewards’ only earning method is surveys — which means you won’t find a cash-back shopping portal, videos or games on this app. 

Upon signing up, it asks you for some basic information about yourself. Once you answer the sign-up questions, Google Opinion Rewards sends you surveys about once a week — although the frequency sometimes changes. 

Google Opinion Rewards notifies you when a relevant survey is available, too. Most surveys are relatively short, and you can earn up to $1you ca in Google Play credits for each survey.

The biggest downside is that the inventory of surveys tends to be fairly limited, so you may be waiting a while in between earning opportunities.

#2. Swagbucks

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
4.2/5 with 67,162 votes4.4/5 with 48,999 reviews

Type of site: Surveys, games, shopping, videos, special offers and more.

Minimum cash-out: $25 for Google Play gift cards (and $3 for most other rewards).

Swagbucks is one of the most well-known get-paid-to sites on the web. Users can earn points (which are called SBs) by taking surveys, answering polls, watching videos, playing games, accepting special offers (such as free trial signups), and shopping through the site’s cash-back shopping portal. 

Once you earn enough, you can redeem your points for cash or gift cards, including Google Play gift cards.

Swagbucks routinely runs discounts on gift cards, allowing you to get the same gift card for slightly less than face value.

Check out our Swagbucks review to learn more about how the site works. 

#3. Survey Junkie

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
4.3/5 with ‎31,869 votes4.5/5 with ‎41,656 reviews

Type of site: Surveys.

Minimum cash-out: $5.

As the name implies, Survey Junkie is an excellent site to earn points for sharing your opinions through surveys. It’s a simple, easy-to-use website that you can get started on in minutes.

To join, you’ll create an account and answer some profile questions about yourself and your household.

From there, Survey Junkie starts presenting you with survey offers, both in the app/on the website and via email.

Additionally, Survey Junkie occasionally provides the opportunity to participate in focus groups, which tend to pay better rates than standard online questionnaires.

Surveys on the site pay out between 20 and 200 points on average for each survey, depending on length. And unlike many other survey sites, points are paid out instantly, making it one of the fastest-paying survey sites on this list.

Read more about the site in our Survey Junkie review.

#4. Mistplay

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
4.0/5 with 209,484 votesNo iOS version

Type of site: Games.

Minimum cash-out: $5.

Plenty of people pass the time playing mobile games on their phones. If you’re an Android user, why not earn some Google Play codes by playing games — perhaps so you can buy more games?

That’s what Mistplay lets you do.

Once you download Mistplay, it’ll suggest games to try. You can then create your own custom list of these games — called your Mixlist — to maximize the fun while you earn. 

The longer you play each game, the more points (called Units) you can earn.

Save up enough points and cash them out for Google Play codes.

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#5. Fetch Rewards

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
4.6/5 with 252,080 votes4.8/5 with 1,490,522 reviews

Type of site: Receipts for cash-back.

Minimum cash-out: $3.

Getting paid for normal activities is always nice. With Fetch Rewards, you can rack up cash-back for your regular grocery shopping by submitting your receipts.

All you have to do is hold onto your receipt (paper or electronic) after your shopping trip and snap a picture with your phone using the Fetch Rewards app. 

Fetch Rewards then pays you for any valid offers.

When you reach at least $3 in cash-back, you can cash-out for gift cards or Google Play codes. 

See also: Sites that will pay you for your receipts.

#6. Branded Surveys

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
No Android versionNo iOS version

Type of site: Surveys.

Minimum cash-out: $10.

Branded Surveys offers numerous opportunities to earn points towards a Google Play gift card, thanks to the fact that it provides you with access to market research options from a wide range of polling companies in a single, unified dashboard.

It also offers the Branded Elite program, which you can qualify for by doing at least 10 surveys a week. As part of the program, you can earn 5%-19% more points.

You can cash-out for a variety of gift cards, including for Google Play. Alternatively, there’s cash, PayPal, and you can even donate your earnings to charity.

#7. Prize Rebel

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
No Android versionNo iOS version

Type of site: Surveys, videos, tasks, offers and web browsing.

Minimum cash-out: $5.

Prize Rebel lets you earn rewards points in various ways, from surveys to videos to offer sign-ups and more. It also does contests and raffles regularly.

One unique feature you’ll find on Prize Rebel is account levels. As you earn rewards points for doing tasks, you can move up account levels and earn bonuses on your regular earnings. 

The highest level is Diamond, which requires 16,000 points earned and pays 3% bonus points on all earnings.

Additionally, Prize Rebel is known for its fast reward processing. If you need your Google Play credits fast, then Prize Rebel might be the way to go.

#8. AppNana

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
4.1/5 with 568,143 votesNo iOS version

Type of site: Games, videos, app downloads, ads.

Minimum cash-out: $2.

AppNana pays its users primarily for playing games, so it’s a good app to try out if you enjoy gaming on your phone. That said, users can also earn by watching videos, downloading apps and clicking on ads.

Additionally, AppNana pays a few hundred points just for logging in daily, so make sure to open your account every day.

#9. InstaGC

Google Play Store RatingiOS App Store Rating
No Android versionNo iOS version

Type of site: Surveys, videos, online shopping, web browsing and app testing.

Minimum cash-out: $1.

InstaGC — short for Instant Gift Cards — pays you points for a variety of tasks, from taking surveys to simply browsing the web.

There’s no mobile app, but InstaGC offers a mobile-friendly website so you can earn on the go.

What sets InstaGC apart is its low gift card payout threshold of only $1. Combine that with a multitude of earning methods, and you can get free apps or games on the Google Play Store quite quickly.

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Are Google Play Code Generators Real?

Google Play code generators sound too good to be true — free codes for no work, right?


Think about it: if any site could actually generate you a unique usable Google Play Code, then everyone would be using it.

These sites that promise you a Google Play code generator are scams. Some ask for your personal information, which they may then use for phishing attacks. Others might ask you to download software, which is obviously their way of getting a virus onto your computer or device.

In short, Google Play code generators are too good to be true. Avoid them, and stick to legit methods of earning Google Play codes.

Free Google Play Codes: Summary

There are plenty of legitimate money-making sites out there that let you earn a free Google Play gift card, but there are just as many scammers.

Your best bet is to stick with the methods on this list. 

And hey, if you ever want real cash, many of these sites will hand that to you instead of Google Play codes, too. 

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