PrizeRebel Review: Is It Legit and How Much Can You Earn?

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PrizeRebel is a legit paid survey and offer site with cash-out options starting at only 10 cents. During my test period I completed nine of the 31 surveys I attempted (a 71% disqualification rare), ultimately earning $5.53.

Although I’ve fared even worse on other survey sites, that 71% disqualification rate is dismal. When considering my overall time investment — both the time it took to successfully complete nine surveys and to answer the screening questions for the 22 disqualifications — my pay rate came out to just $1.46 per hour. 

PrizeRebel is not without its benefits, though. The site offers plenty of straightforward cash-out options, tons of available surveys and a seemingly endless supply of promotional offers. 

This PrizeRebel review covers the pros and cons, the key facts you need to know, and outlines the details around my overall earnings.


  • Has a large inventory of available surveys.
  • Allows filtering of surveys by point value and time required.
  • Offers numerous cash-out options.
  • The PayPal cash-out option allows you to choose a custom amount and collect every cent you’ve earned.
  • The disqualification rate is high, which is frustrating and results in a low pay-per-hour.
  • PayPal withdrawals are only available once you’ve obtained “silver” status.
  • Sortable surveys default to “best,” but those were not always the most lucrative options according to our testing.

PrizeRebel Basics

PrizeRebel is a survey aggregator; it does not conduct its own market research, but instead connects you with surveys from dozens of other market research companies. This means your experience may vary from survey to survey. 

You’re paid in points (worth 1 cent each), which can be redeemed for gift cards, online games, cash (via PayPal), or raffle and contest entries. Redemption options start at 10 points for raffle tickets and 200 points for gift cards.

Five Key Facts About PrizeRebel

  1. PrizeRebel has a high survey disqualification rate. I was disqualified from 71% of the surveys I attempted. This can be frustrating, wastes time and lowers your earnings-per-hour.
  2. There are a wide range of survey values available. I attempted surveys valued at between 16 cents and $4.70. The pay for those I successfully completed ranged from 16 cents to 74 cents with an average payout of 59 cents.
  3. The best survey hours for the U.S. and Canada are weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. PrizeRebel says that there are fewer surveys available on weekends, and that Sundays typically have the lowest number of surveys and offers available.
  4. You’ll encounter “attention check” questions. Many of the surveys I attempted included quality control questions to ensure that I was paying attention and answering honestly. These questions asked me to select a certain answer, or gave me some other specific instruction to ensure I was not mindlessly checking boxes.
  5. The expected completion times are fairly accurate. Only three of my surveys took longer than the advertised time to complete.

Ways to Earn Money on PrizeRebel

#1. Surveys

As noted earlier in the review, PrizeRebel is a survey aggregator, connecting users to survey opportunities from other market research companies. While some survey aggregators bundle survey opportunities together, PrizeRebel gives you more transparency and allows you to choose which partner platforms you want to work on.

During our review period, there were eight survey platform options, which all function slightly differently. 

For example, the Innovate survey platform offered the highest-paying surveys we found on the site (between $4 and $5), but required the most time (15-30 minutes) and the most personal information (full name and contact number). Conversely, the Peanut Labs platform offered some of the shortest surveys, but also paid the least on average. 

#2. Offer Walls

PrizeRebel’s “Offer Walls” section provides opportunities to earn points from the site’s partners by completing tasks and promotions.

For example, you may be asked to watch a video, sign up for a service, or request free samples in exchange for a predetermined number of points. 

As with its survey section, PrizeRebel gives you access to multiple third-party offer platforms, as shown in the screenshot below: 

Offer Walls
Offer Walls include Peanut Labs, AdGate, OffToro and more.

Each Offer Wall has a different look and type of offer. For example, most of the AdGate options available during testing included downloading and playing games in exchange for points (note that the rules stipulate you must allow tracking if requested upon download). In contrast, most OfferToro offers were for things like signing up for nonprofit memberships, and requesting free samples.

Other offers found on the various Offer Walls included downloading coupons, applying for student scholarships and completing surveys (among many others).

The images below show some of the differences between various offer walls.

I attempted to sign up for several free samples. However, after entering my personal information (name, email, and home address), I received the following error for each of the three offers I tried:

I wasn't able to complete a number of offers because of this error.
I wasn’t able to complete a number of offers because of this error.

Keep in mind that while some of the opportunities in this section are free, the majority are paid offers — meaning you’ll need to sped money in order to qualify for the reward. Often the reward is greater than the cost, but this is still money coming out of your pocket up-front.

PrizeRebel’s “Win” Section

The “Win” section is a digital lottery (raffles and lucky numbers jackpot) and an option to earn extra points based on your performance over a two-week period.

  • Raffles: Purchase tickets at 10 points each for a chance to win various raffles. Prizes vary, but are typically gift cards, points or prepaid credit cards.
  • Lucky Numbers Jackpot: 20 points will get you a chance to win. You can “buy” up to 50 tickets per week. When the four numbers are drawn, any user with two matched numbers wins 35 points; three matches wins 150; and all four matches wins the jackpot. The jackpot amount varies depending on whether it rolled over from the previous week — it was valued at 13,500 points when we researched for this review. 
  • Contests: If you’re one of the top 15 users who completes the most offers on Offer Walls, successfully completes the most surveys (there are separate U.S. and international contests), or earns the most points through your referral network over a two-week period, you win points. Points range from 100-200 for 15th place to 1,500-2,000 points for 1st place.

Select “Win” and then “My Winnings” page to see your winning history (or lack thereof, in my case) .

PrizeRebel My Winnings Page
The “My Winnings” section shows all the contests you’ve participated in.

Keep in mind that using your points to enter a raffle or lucky number jackpot is akin to gambling. The odds you’ll win are very low. 

Other PrizeRebel Features

PrizeRebel has a number of other features to keep users engaged. 

  • Daily challenge bonus: Each day, PrizeRebel offers a timed challenge. If you meet the challenge within the timeframe, you earn bonus points. If you meet the daily challenge for five days in a row, you also meet the five-day challenge and earn even more bonus points.
PrizeRebel Daily Challenge
  • Referral program: When friends and family sign up for PrizeRebel using your URL, you earn points when they successfully complete surveys.
  • Account levels: As you obtain a certain number of points, you account level will increase. Each account level offers a new set of benefits.
Prize Rebel Account Levels
The PrizeRebel account tiers.
  • Promo codes: PrizeRebel offers promotional codes from time to time on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. When redeemed, you receive free points. 
  • Chrome and Firefox extension: When you install the PrizeRevel browser extension, you will receive notifications of processed awards and promo code availability. You also can quickly check your account status, and more easily keep up-to-date on your referral rewards.

Our PrizeRebel Earnings

I earned $5.53 after using PrizeRebel for 3 hours and 47 minutes. To be more specific, I earned a $5 Amazon gift card and five entries into a raffle for a $20 gift card (which I didn’t win).

Almost all of my earnings were from surveys. I also earned 10 cents for filling out a profile questionnaire, six cents for meeting a daily challenge, and four cents for cashing in on a Facebook promo code. 

Here’s a more detailed overview of how I fared:

  • Total number of surveys attempted: 31
  • Total number of surveys completed: 9
  • Disqualification rate: 71%
  • Total earnings: $5.53
  • Earnings per hour: $1.46 per hour
Survey CategoryAdvertised TimeActual TimeAdvertised ValueSurvey Result
Profile QuestionnaireN/A210Earned 10 points.
Your Surveys252574Disqualified.
Your Surveys10674Earned 74 points.
Your Surveys22496Survey ended with no indication as to why.
Your Surveys15873Earned 73 points.
Your Surveys5470Disqualified.
Your Surveys12570Disqualified.
Your Surveys252775Earned 70 points.
Your Surveys11233Disqualified.
Your Surveys81953Earned 53 points.
Your Surveys31433Earned 33 points.
Your Surveys11170Disqualified.
Your Surveys30170Disqualified.
Your Surveys252170Earned 70 points.
OpWorld403070Earned 70 points.
Peanut Labs20465Disqualified.
Peanut Labs10356Disqualified.
Peanut Labs5224Disqualified.
Peanut Labs305102Disqualified.
Peanut Labs201516Earned 16 points.
Gold6670Earned 74 points.
Innovate201433No longer available.
Innovate251470No longer available.
Innovate251470No longer available.
Daily Challenge006Earned 6 points.
Promo Code004Earned 4 points.
Total227 minutes553 points

Getting Paid

PrizeRebel’s payment options are among the best I’ve seen. Users have the ability to choose from several hundred gift card options. Some of these gift card options (including Apple and Amazon) start at $2. Online game lovers can choose to reap their rewards by cashing out with credits for Roblox, the Nintendo eShop and Xbox. 

Last but not least, users have a PayPal cash option. The PayPal cash option offers a number of preset withdrawal amounts, from $5 to $500, as well as a custom amount option. 

There are a few requirements to utilize the PayPal cash-out option: 

  • Your PayPal email must match your PrizeRebel email. Make sure to verify your email address prior to submitting a cash-out request.
  • The custom amount option has a minimum cash-out of $5.
  • In order to cash-out via PayPal, the user must have reached the “silver” level (obtained by earning 1,000 points or more).

As I only earned 549 points, I was unable to cash-out via PayPal. However, I can say that the gift card redemption process was very straightforward. I chose to cash-out with a $5 Amazon gift card.

PrizeRebel $5 gift card.

Immediately after submitting the request (above), my point total was reduced by 500 points and a pop-up indicated that I would receive my gift card within 24 hours. PrizeRebel was true to its word: I had instructions on how to activate my gift card waiting in my inbox within a day.

PrizeRebel FAQ

Is PrizeRebel the best online survey site?

While PrizeRebel is a legit option for earning extra money online, we have consistently ranked Survey Junkie as the best overall paid survey site, thanks to its combination of pay rate, survey inventory and low cash-out amount. You can learn more about it in our Survey Junkie review, or check out of our list of the best paid survey website options.

Does PrizeRebel offer a signup bonus?

No. Prize Rebel does not offer a signup bonus. However, they did give me 10 points for completing a brief profile survey.

Does PrizeRebel have a mobile app?

No. PrizeRebel does not have a mobile app.

Does your PrizeRebel account balance expire?

PrizeRebel’s does not definitively state whether user points expire after a certain period of time, or after a period of inactivity. However, you should be aware that rewards platforms have the right to expire points for any reason, any time they wish.

Is PrizeRebel available worldwide?

Partially. PrizeRebel has surveys available for people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Users in other countries will not have access to surveys, but they can still use the platform to earn points from activities on offer walls, tasks, daily points and referrals.

How much is one PrizeRebel point worth?

Generally speaking, each PrizeRebel point is worth 1 cent. However, different reward options may have different exchange rates, and PrizeRebel can change its point valuation at any time.

Does PrizeRebel offer any passive income opportunities?

The only passive income opportunity available on PrizeRebel is the referral program, which pays you 15% of the amount your referrals’ earn by completing surveys. PrizeRebel says there are no limits to how much you can earn thorough this program, which means it’s a potentially lucrative source of extra cash if you’re able to refer active users.

However, referring users is difficult, so you may want to check out other passive income apps or passive income business ideas.

PrizeRebel Review: Final Verdict

The PrizeRebel site was easy to use and mostly free of glitches. My completed surveys paid relatively well given how short they were, and the cash-out process was straightforward. I was even able to use the points I couldn’t put towards my gift card to purchase raffle entries.

I wish I could have taken advantage of all of the gift card cash-out options that were available, but the high disqualification rate of 71% kept my earnings low. My pay-per-hour was only $1.46, given all the time I put into filling out questionnaires for surveys that were not successfully completed.

Perhaps my particular demographic wasn’t quite right for the site. Given the straightforward user interface and the cash-out options, it may be worth checking out in the event you are closer to what PrizeRebel’s partners are looking for.

Vanessa Zeigler
Vanessa Zeigler is a freelance writer and editor focused on personal finance and time management. She has an MBA from Duke University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). She writes about frugal-living techniques, side hustles, product testing, selling on Etsy and eBay, and using money-making apps. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Upwork and Etsy.

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