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How to Get Free Money On Cash App (Code & 7 Legit Hacks)

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There are a few different ways to get free money on Cash App. Frankly, there’s also a lot of misinformation and many downright scams out there as well.

In this article, we’ll review the (very few) legitimate hacks and provide tips on how to stay safe while using the app and navigating the different offers.

Best Ways to Get Free Money Using Cash App

Cash App works very similarly to PayPal and Venmo in that it operates as a digital wallet. It’s owned by Block (formally known as Square) and allows for person-to-person money transfers as well as payments for goods and services using the app or Cash Card, an optional debit card that draws from your Cash App balance.

One of the great things about Cash App is that there are a number of ways to get free money through it. Here are our favorites.

#1. Get $5 for Signing Up

The $5 welcome bonus is hands-down the easiest way to get free money in your Cash App account.

Use the code BWSPWFR when joining, or sign up through our link. You’ll get a $5 deposit upon linking a bank account or debit card. 

Once signed up, you have to send $5 within 14 days to earn the bonus.

To test this offer I signed up through a Cash App referral code, then sent $5 to my wife. The bonus was deposited less than a minute after the transfer was approved.

Cash App doesn’t have you enter the referral code upfront. Instead, you’ll need to download the app and navigate to your profile, where a referral code can be entered at the bottom.

If you’re under 18, you can download the app, then get approval from a parent or guardian (which gives them legal ownership of your account). To get the bonus, you’ll then need to sign up for the optional (and free) Cash Card.

#2. Get $15 for Referring a Friend

The second easiest way to earn free money on Cash App is with referrals.

After signing up, you’ll receive a Cash App referral code that you can share with friends and family.

The current promotion allows you to earn a $15 referral bonus for each person who:

  1. Signs up for Cash App for the first time.
  2. Links a bank account or debit card.
  3. Sends $5 within 14 days after signing up.

Note: Our referral code is BWSPWFR, which you can use to earn a $5 bonus.

As mentioned above, this worked when I referred my wife. In fact, we actually used the same debit card to sign up for Cash App.

#3. Get Instant Discounts with Boosts

As a Cash App user, you have access to an optional free debit card (called the Cash Card) that can be used to pay for purchases. It’s a convenient way to spend the money in your Cash App balance anywhere Visa is accepted, and it comes with a major perk called Boosts. 

Boosts are effectively cash-back bonuses that get applied to the purchases you make at select merchants. The participating merchants and offers rotate regularly, and they typically save you between 5% and 20% off qualifying purchases. 

What makes Boosts great is that they’re often available at merchants like grocery stores and restaurants — places that do not offer rebates on cash-back portals such as Rakuten and Swagbucks.

A few examples of Boosts we’ve used include: 

  • 20% off an Instacart order.
  • 10% off a Whole Foods purchase.
  • 10% off a Trader Joe’s purchase.
  • 7% off an UberEats delivery.

Note: Cash App allows you to invest in Bitcoin, and some Boosts reward you with a percentage of your purchase back in crypto. For example, one promotion that’s frequently available is 10% back in Bitcoin (up to $7.50) when you make a purchase at any grocery store. 

The downside to Boosts is that only one Boost can be attached to your Cash App card at any given time. That means you need to log into Cash App, open the Cash Card tab, and add each Boost you want to use on a purchase-by-purchase basis. 

#4. Transfer Free Bitcoin Bonuses

As you can buy, sell and hold Bitcoin within the app, a clever way to get free money into your Cash App account is by taking advantage of the numerous Bitcoin bonus offers available right now.

You can then transfer the Bitcoin to Cash App, either holding it as an investment or selling it for cash. Currently, there are exchanges that offer a Bitcoin sign-up bonus upon account approval. Larger bonuses of $100 and more can be earned for making a deposit.

Keep in mind that this isn’t instant; often, there’s a waiting period between account verification and the Bitcoin being deposited into your account. Nonetheless, you could easily earn $50 to $100 with this strategy. If you’re willing to meet the minimum deposit bonuses for some exchanges, you could earn far more than $100.

See also: Besides sign-up bonuses, we found a number of other ways to earn free crypto. Keep in mind that Cash App only accepts Bitcoin transfers.

#5. Use Bitcoin Crypto-Back Shopping Portals

Lolli is a crypto-back site that pays you in Bitcoin for shopping online. You can earn up to 30% back on purchases from stores like Nike, Lowes, Groupon, Priceline, eBay and many others.

To earn with Lolli, simply visit their website before shopping online. Search for the merchant you’re going to purchase from, and click the link inside Lolli to visit that merchant’s website. Once there, shop normally — no more action is required on your end.

Alternatively, you can use Lolli’s browser extension, which will alert you any time you’re on a site where crypto-back is available:

An example of the Lolli extension in action.
An example of the Lolli browser extension in action.

Your purchase will be tracked by Lolli. Once the purchase clears, you’ll receive a Bitcoin deposit into your Lolli wallet based on the market price of Bitcoin for the day of the transaction. Once you’ve accumulated $15 worth of Bitcoin, you can withdraw your Lolli earnings to your Cash App account. 

Why does this work? Lolli earns a referral commission for sending customers to their partners’ websites. They essentially share a part of this commission with you, creating a win-win scenario.

Funds typically take 30 to 90 days to post to your account. (This is to reduce fraud if someone were to return the item after withdrawing the crypto-back.) 

Visit Lolli.

You can just as easily deposit money earned on cash-back shopping portals into your Cash App account, as it comes with a routing and checking account number for bank transfers. Here’s a list of our favorite cash-back shopping apps.

#6. Follow Cash App on Social Media

Cash App has occasional social media campaigns to raise brand awareness, where you can win money. Scanning Cash App’s Twitter timeline, there were a number of free giveaways on Twitter alone in 2021.

For example, the company gave away $50,000 in free cash on December 31st, 2021:

Cash App Giveaway Example 1

And 100 People were gifted $500 from Cash App on November 17, 2021:

Cash App Giveaway Example 2

On Instagram, the company gave away $100,000 in August 2021 for back-to-school shopping:

Cash App Giveaway Example 3

Follow Cash App’s social channels to see when the next giveaway is:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. TikTok

#7. Send the Earnings From Free Money Opportunities to Your Cash App

There are many legit ways to earn free money. Some of our favorite hacks from our comprehensive list of ways to earn free money are:

  • Free stocks. Similar to Bitcoin bonuses, multiple investment brokerages give you free stock just for signing up. Public is one such example: it offers a free share worth up to $70 upon account approval, with no deposit required. Upon selling the stock, you can then withdraw the funds to your Cash App account. See our list of the best free stock offers right now.
  • Swagbucks money makers. Swagbucks is one of our favorite online reward sites, as it allows you to earn money by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and shopping online. Plus, they offer a sign-up bonus of $10 just for joining. Swagbucks money makers are among the highest ROI opportunities in the free money space. These offers often require you to sign up for a product or service, such as an investment or budgeting app; you’re then rewarded by Swagbucks, and often given a bonus from the app as well. We recently ran through a handful of Swagbucks money makers and earned $240 in less than one hour.
  • Coupon and rebate apps. Coupon apps like Ibotta allow you to redeem digital coupons from select retailers, including grocery stores. In our testing, we found that it’s realistic to earn $20 a month with Ibotta (see our Ibotta review for more details). Of course, there are a number of apps like Ibotta, which can be stacked. In other words, you can often use the same digital coupon twice in multiple apps.
  • Online surveys. There are a number of legit online survey sites where you can earn around $5 an hour answering market research questions. Just make sure to choose an app that allows you to withdraw your earnings to a bank account. 

Common Cash App Scams

Cash App has a page devoted to avoiding common scams. As the saying goes, anything too good to be true probably is.

Some of the more common scams on the platform involve people posing as Cash App support staff in order to extract personal information, or people pretending to be friends or family members in order to request money.

You can check out this article for info on five of the most common Cash App scams.

Be vigilant when giving out your Cash App account information, and never send cash to someone you don’t know without verifying their identity first.

Free Cash App Money FAQ

Does Cash App send free money?

The easiest way to get free money from Cash App is through the sign-up and referral bonuses. While Cash App does run occasional sweepstakes on social media, the odds of winning in such a giveaway are low. 

How do you get $200 on Cash App?

In the past, Cash App has paid out bonuses of up to $200 for signing up for a direct deposit and receiving a $300 incoming transfer. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, these offers are no longer available. We will update this article if this changes.

How do you get the free $20 on Cash App?

$20 is the highest referral bonus Cash App has provided in the past. Similar to the question above, this $20 bonus is no longer available.

How to Get Free Money on Cash App: Final Thoughts

There are a number of ways to get free money through Cash App. The offers above range from easy to difficult, but they’re all legit and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

While it’s by no means a way to get rich, it is possible to add $50 to $100 in a month to your Cash App account with only a little bit of effort. And occasionally, there’s a chance to earn much more when a good deal — such as a Swagbucks money maker — comes along.

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