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How to Get Free Money on Cash App (7 Ways That Work)

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There are real ways to get free cash app money, but there are also lots of time-wasters and scams to watch out for. Here’s a list of the best options that actually work, ranked based on a combination of their earning potential and difficulty.

#1. Get Free Money Instantly by Using the Cash App Debit Card

As a Cash App user, you have access to a free Cash App debit card (called the Cash Card) that can be used to pay for purchases anywhere Visa cards are accepted. It’s a convenient way to spend the money in your Cash App balance and it comes with a major perk called Boosts.

Boosts are cash-back bonuses that get applied to purchases at select merchants when you use Cash Card for payment.

These offers typically pay between 5% and 20%.

A few examples of Boosts we’ve used include: 

  • 50% on a Twitch purchase.
  • 20% on an Instacart order.
  • 10% on a Whole Foods purchase.
  • 10% on a Trader Joe’s purchase.
  • 7% on an UberEats delivery.

Boosts change frequently, and you can only have one attached to your Cash Card at any given time.

#2. Get Free Bitcoin and Transfer it to Your Cash App Account

Since you can buy, sell and hold Bitcoin within Cash App, a clever way to get free Cash App money is by taking advantage of the numerous Bitcoin bonus offers available right now. You can then transfer your free Bitcoin to Cash App, either holding it as an investment or selling it for cash.

This isn’t one of the fastest options on this list. Often, there’s a waiting period before the free Bitcoin is deposited into your account. Nonetheless, you can easily earn $50 to $100 with this strategy if you’re willing to be patient.

There are also other ways to earn free crypto, aside from sign-up bonuses. However, keep in mind that Cash App only accepts Bitcoin transfers (not Ethereum, Dogecoin or other cryptos).

#3. Use Cash-Back Portals When You Shop Online

Your Cash App account has its own routing and checking number, which means you can easily deposit money earned on cash-back shopping portals. These sites give you anywhere from 1% to 10% back on your purchases at thousands of major online retailers, which can add up fast if you use them consistently.

There’s no cost to use these sites, because they earn a commission from merchants when you buy something. All you have to do is visit the shopping portal, search for the store you want to shop at, and then click a link to visit that store’s website. From there, you just shop normally — no more action is required on your end.

One unique shopping portal is Lolli, which pays you in Bitcoin rather than cash. You can earn up to 30% on purchases from stores like Nike, Lowes, Groupon, Priceline, eBay and many others (though it’s usually more like 2-3%). You can then send your Bitcoin directly to Cash App.

#4. Complete Online Tasks and Promotional Offers

There are many legit ways to get free money, and three of our favorites are:

  • Get free stocks. Many investment apps will give you free shares of stock just for signing up. Public is one example: it’s a free app with no required deposit, and you’ll get a share of stock worth up to $300 upon account approval. You can sell the stock immediately and transfer the money to your Cash App account. See our list of the best free stock offers.
  • Get paid to sign up for apps and websites. Many companies will pay you for creating an account, and these offers usually do not require a purchase. As with the other options on this list, you can easily send your bonuses to Cash App.
  • Use online rewards sites. Sites like Swagbucks pay you for watching videos, playing games and shopping online, while sites like Survey Junkie pay you for answering questions about your interests, preferences and shopping habits. These sites are legit, and while you won’t make a fortune, they allow you to transfer the money you earn directly to Cash App via direct deposit.

#5. Get Other People to Sign Up for Cash App

Cash App gives you a referral code that you can share with friends and family.

The current referral bonus is $5 for each person who:

  1. Signs up for Cash App.
  2. Links a bank account or a debit card.
  3. Sends someone $5 within 14 days of signing up.

Note: Our referral code is BWSPWFR, which you can use to earn a $5 bonus if you’re not yet a Cash App user or have been for less than 14 days. See our Cash App referral code article to learn more about how this works.

#6. Follow Cash App on Social Media

Cash App regularly runs a promotion called Cash App Friday, during which the company gives away free money to users. Here’s a tweet from the official Cash App Twitter account announcing a $10,000 giveaway:

Cash App Friday Proof

Cash App also occasionally runs promotional giveaways not tied to Cash App Friday. For example, in November 2021 the company gave 100 people $500 each (see the left image below), and in December 2021, they gave away $50,000 in total (see the right image).

And in August 2021, the company gave away $100,000 on Instagram to help users pay for their back-to-school shopping:

Cash App Giveaway Example 3

Follow Cash App’s social channels to see when the next giveaway is:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. TikTok

#7. Ask For Money on Cash App Friday

Cash App Friday has been embraced by the company, but it started out as an unofficial community giving event in during which Cash App users post their Cashtag and/or their Cash App QR code to their social media profile — along with #CashAppFriday — in the hope that people will see the post send them money.

And believe it or not, many people give and receive free cash app money this way.

Usually, Cash App Friday posts contain a little bit of information about why you’re asking for money, such as if you have an unexpected bill due or need money for a medical procedure.

Be careful when asking for money this way, and never provide private personal details or your financial account information. A person only needs your Cashtag or QR code — not your routing/checking number, name, address, email address or anything else — to send you funds on Cash App. If you’re asked for any of this information, it’s definitely a scam.

How to Avoid Common Cash App Scams

Cash App has a page devoted to avoiding common scams. As the saying goes, anything too good to be true probably is. You can check out this article for info on five of the most common Cash App scams.

Some of the more common scams on the platform involve people posing as Cash App support staff in order to extract personal information, or people pretending to be friends or family members in order to request money.

Perhaps the most common Cash App scam is “cash flipping” (which is sometimes referred to as “account verification”). In this scam, you’re asked to send a small amount of money in return for a bigger payment, either immediately or at some point in the future.

The general premise is that the other person is either going to do something to grow your money (and give you a cut), or that they’re using your initial payment as a way to make sure your account works. This is always a scam and you will lose whatever money you send.

Free Cash App Money FAQ

How do you get the free $20 on Cash App?

$20 is the highest referral bonus Cash App has provided in the past. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the offer is no longer available. We’ll update this article if that changes. Check out our article on the best Cash App referral code to see the top bonus currently being offered.

How do you get $200 on Cash App?

In the past, Cash App has paid out bonuses of up to $200 for signing up for a direct deposit and receiving a $300 incoming transfer. As with the $20 referral bonus mentioned above, this offer is no longer active.

Can you get free money on Cash App without doing anything?

No. It would be nice if there was a way to sit back and watch the funds roll in, but the truth is that every single legitimate method for getting free Cash App money requires at least a little bit of effort — even if that’s just remembering to open the app and check what Boosts you have available before you go shopping. There is no automated, hands-off method that actually works.

Does Cash App send free money?

The easiest way to get free money from Cash App is through the sign-up and referral bonuses. While Cash App does run occasional sweepstakes on social media, the odds of winning are low.

What is a Cash App money generator?

There is no such thing as a Cash App money generator. Any software operating under that name is designed to steal your personal and financial information, hack into Cash App accounts, and/or carry out other illegal actions.

Can you borrow money from Cash App?

Some Cash App users have access to a feature called Cash App Borrow, which offers short-term loans ranging from $20 to $200. These loans have a small interest fee, so they’re not free. Your eligibility depends on factors like your deposit and balance history. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Cash App Borrow.

Can you get free gift cards on Cash App?

No, there is no way to earn points or rewards like gift cards on Cash App. See our list of the best ways to get free gift cards for options.

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