Want to make a quick $50?

Everyone has a certain time when they’re in need of quick cash.

On the other hand, all businesses and websites are in need of new customers.

To try and earn your business, many websites offer a promotion to new users. The majority of these promotions come in the form of cashback sites and surveys.

I’ve put together a list of the top 10 BEST bonus offers right now.

If you decide to take advantage of every signup bonus on this list, you can earn over $50+ with little work.

Get Paid To Signup Websites: Surveys


Bonus: $5

Swagbucks is one of the most respected players in the online survey industry, with over $300,000,000 in paid out rewards.

While surveys are a great way to earn money through Swagbucks, you can earn playing games, watching videos, and shopping.

To qualify for the $5 bonus, you must earn 2,500 SBs within the first 60 days of membership.

Sign up for Swagbucks here.



Bonus: $10 Amazon Gift Card or Cash

MyPoints is another top cashback site, which is actually owned by Swagbucks.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Sign up for MyPoints here (with your name and email address)
  2. Confirm that you received the email
  3. Make a $20 purchase at any of their supported retailers, to earn 1,750 point bonus or a $10 Amazon gift card.

That’s it!

Sign up for MyPoints here.



Bonus: $5

InboxDollars is one of the few survey sites with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Having paid out over $57,000,000, they’re also one of the biggest too.

For new users, InboxDollars offers a $5 welcome bonus.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for InboxDollars
  2. Click the activation link in your email
  3. $5 will be deposited into your InboxDollars account

Then, you need a minimum of $30 in your account before you can request payment.

Sign up for Inbox Dollars here.

Send Earnings

Bonus: $5

Owned by InboxDollars, SendEarnings is another site that offers a $5 welcome bonus.

As with InboxDollars, you can earn in a variety of ways including games, surveys, and more.

Sign up for SendEarnings here.

Panda Research

Bonus: $3

Panda Research, a well-known survey site, offers a $3 signup bonus for new members.

Sign up for Panda Research here.


Get Paid To Signup Websites: Cashback Sites


Bonus: $10 Cash

eBates is one of the top cash back sites and another reader favorite.

To get the bonus, sign up through this link with your email address. Then, make a $25 online purchase (which could be from one of their hundreds of stores including Amazon) within 90 days to get $10 cash back.

eBates also has one of the most generous referral programs. It changes a bit every quarter, but you can earn $50 for referring two friends.

Sign up here


Bonus: $10

Ibotta, one of the top coupon apps for both iPhone and Android.  The current signup bonus is $10.

To get the $10 bonus, sign up through this link. Then, redeem your first rebate within 7 days of registration.

If you’ve never used iBotta before I highly recommend the app.

Sign up for iBotta here.


$5 Bonus

Along with surveys, Swagbucks also has a shopping portal where you earn an SB for every dollar you spend (earning 1 SB is equal to earning 1% Cash Back).

To qualify for the bonus, you must earn 2,500 SBs within the first 60 days of membership.

Sign up for Swagbucks here.


$10 Bonus

BeFrugal allows you to earn up to 30% cash back from 4,000+ stores.

Along with offering a $10 signup bonus, they also offer a generous $15 refer-a-friend bonus.

The $10 bonus is available when you earn $10 cash back from the site.

Sign up for BeFrugal here.

# 9 – Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses

While the above eight ideas allow you to make a quick buck, the bigger money is in credit card sign up bonuses. Personally, I’ve earned over $1,000 from just one credit card sign up bonus.

While I typically redeem points for free travel (e.g. travel hacking) I’ve also exchanged credit card points for cash.

The important caveat with credit card rewards and/or travel hacking is you must not make signing up for a credit card cost you money. In other words, you must pay off your balance in full each month. 

If you’re interested in earning money with credit card sign up bonuses, here’s my frequently updated list of top credit cards.

If you’re interested in travel hacking, sign up for the free course The Beginner’s Guide to Free Travel Through Credit Card Rewards below:


# 10 – Find A Better Bank

Just as credit card companies give you money to open a new account, so do banks.

The nice thing about bank bonuses is not only do you earn money upfront, but you can also make and save money finding a bank that pays a higher interest rate and doesn’t nickel and dime you with fees.

To help you find the bank that’s right for you–check out Even Financial.

Even Financial is a free search engine that helps you find the bank that pays the highest interest rate in your area. No personal information is required, just enter your zip code to get the results.

When I did this, I found a bank that paid 22X the national average on their savings accounts!

See what banks are paying around your area—check out Even Financial today.



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