When it comes to online jobs for college students, the traits the ideal job has, include:

  • Solid pay
  • Flexible hours
  • A chance to acquire valuable skills

There are online jobs for college students that offer all the above. You only need to know where to look and the opportunities available.

Here are 12 possibilities to consider:

Online Jobs for College Students

#1. Go Job Hunting within Your Major

There are many companies looking to hire remote, part-time workers.

What’s best is to find a job in an industry that interests you. Bonus if it’s within your major. So, if your major is marketing, look for marketing jobs.

A great place to start is to use Indeed’s advanced job search feature.

You can enter the search phrase:

“INDUSTRY remote entry level”

Another tip is to search employers looking to hire college students.

You can use the search phrase:

“college student”


“College Student Remote”

You want to make sure you’re working for a reputable company. As such, make sure you check out reviews for any potential employers on Glassdoor.

#2. An Online Job For Those Who Love To Read

Are you an English major or just love to read?

If so, you’ll be happy to know you can make good money proofreading anything from books to blogs.

Interested? Caitlin Pyle, the creator of Proofread Anywhere, has a Free Daily Workshop: Learning the Skills You Need to Start Your Freelance Proofreading Hustle.

Caitlin earned over $43,000 a year part-time, so her free workshops are definitely worth checking out. See when the next class is here to turn your love for fixing others mistakes and red pens into a profitable business.

#3. Freelance Writing

Writing is a skill that requires no prior formal experience, so it falls under a short list of perfect online jobs for college students. You also get to learn new and interesting topics, you may not have ever considered.

The hardest part about becoming a freelance writer is finding your first job. Especially if you try and compete the way most people do–with dozens of other writers for low paying gigs on job boards.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to start freelance writing check out this list of 200 freelance writing niches for freelance writers.

Choosing a niche is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It can be the difference between fighting for jobs and having opportunities come to you.

#4. Online Tutoring

Teaching is often the best form of learning. This makes tutoring a wonderful online job for a college student (in fact, we ranked it as our #1 way to make money without an investment).

You can go the more traditional route, working with local students online or 1-1.

Another option to consider is using an online tutoring service that connects you to students all over the world.

If you’re interested, check out SayABC. You can earn up to $21 an hour with SayABC.

Plus, they accept those in their final year of school.

#5. Managing Social Media Accounts

This is one of the best-paying online jobs for teens and college students, who are often highly-proficient with social media and on the cutting edge of new trends and platforms. Small businesses are always looking for unique content to fill up their feeds, so if you’re good at developing engaging social content you can get paid a solid hourly rate. 

A recommendation would be to reach out to local business connections from your hometown or college town.

You can learn more about the different types of social media jobs that are out there in this post.

#6. Write Resumes

What better way to master an important part of finding a job than to start a business around it.

Of course you’re not an expert today but that doesn’t mean you can’t be with the right resources.

All it takes is some learning–which you can get by reading books or articles on the topic of resume writing.

Once you have some knowledge, ask close friends if you can write their resume for free.

Once you start seeing results, post your credentials on bulletin boards, sites like Craigslist, and in any Facebook groups.

The highest-rated books on Amazon for writing resumes are:

#7. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’ve got some great organizational skills, consider putting them to work by becoming a virtual assistant.

VA’s can make anywhere from $10-$50+ per hour doing a variety of things. You could help someone manage their calendar, maintain their website, do research, answer email and more.

A great free resource to help get you virtual assistant business launched is 150+ Virtual Assistant Services That You Can Offer Today.

#8. Start a Blog

Back in college, I was known as the eBay guy. If someone wanted to sell something on eBay, they give it to me.

I then took a cut of the sales price. I was happy and so were my friends. It was a solid part-time job that paid a few hundred dollars a month.

What’s been more valuable though was the experience. Besides the random lawn mowing or car washing, this was my first taste of entrepreneurship.

I’ve come to see entrepreneurship as a skill. The more practice you have being an entrepreneur, the better you get.

College is a great time to experiment with a low-cost business idea. Even if you fail, you’ll have gained very valuable experience.

In 2009, after college and my eBay business died down, I started blogging. It’s been a wild ride since. My first blog was a success, which I was able to sell for a nice profit.

While the cash was nice from the sale, I used the skills I gained as a blogger to increase my income at my job.

Looking back, the decision to start a blog in 2009 was one of the best career choices I made.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, I have a free 7-day email course: How To Make Your First $1K Blogging.

Just enter your email address below and the course will be delivered to your inbox:

#9. Evaluate Search Engine Results

With search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing having so much traffic, they are always looking for people in the background to help them stay functional.

That’s where search engine evaluating comes in.

As a search engine evaluator, you’ll be there to help the search engines correct trial and error while making sure everything is running smoothly.

Three companies currently hiring search engine evaluators include:

#10. Become a Virtual Recruiter

Put your skills to the test by connecting employees or freelancers with the right jobs as a virtual recruiter.

As a VR, you’ll basically work as a middle-man between a company and potential new hires. This job requires you to do things like post available jobs, screen resumes, conduct preliminary interviews, and even negotiate salaries.

Virtual recruiters can easily earn $50,000 per year as a full-time employee or $20-$30 per hour as a contractor or on a commission rate as a freelancer.

#11. Transcribe Documents

If you have good typing skills and grammar you might want to consider transcription as an online gig.

Transcription jobs come in a variety of forms, some paying per word and some paying per hour.

What you’ll be doing is listening to audio files and transcribing them into word format.

A free resource to check out to learn how to get started is: Transcription Foundations: Free 7-Lesson Mini-Course

#12. Data Entry

Data entry is one of the easiest jobs for online college students. It requires absolutely no experience.

Small jobs that require data entry or other small tasks can usually be done in your spare time and with little or no supervision.

If you’re interested, check out the blog post: The Best Online Typing Jobs From Home Without an Investment

#13. Review Phone Calls

Reviewing phone calls is another great way to make some extra money as a college student.

You’ll need a computer and a headset to get started.

One company currently hiring online is Reynolds & Reynolds.