Coinbase $5 Sign-Up Bonus + Spin The Wheel Promo Explained

Coinbase Promo
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Coinbase allows new users to earn a $5 BTC bonus upon making their first crypto purchase on the platform of any amount.

To qualify for the bonus, use this link to sign up.

Beyond the $5 bonus, new users also qualify for Coinbase’s Spin The Wheel Promo. This promo invites new U.S. users to open an account, make their first cryptocurrency purchase, and spin a wheel to earn a reward, which could be in USD or Bitcoin.

The reward amounts range between $3 to $200; however, the distribution is skewed such that 89% of the users will receive a reward between $3 – $5, while the remaining 11% have a chance to earn between $6 – $200.

New users can also earn free crypto by participating in Coinbase Earn, which involves learning about different cryptocurrencies. 

The requirements are to watch a short (1-2 minute) slideshow and then take a quiz (less than five questions).

These promotions are available only to those in the U.S. (excluding Hawaii). 

Why Coinbase?

While it does not offer the best crypto sign-up bonus, Coinbase is a regulated and licensed exchange, which means it adheres to certain standards and practices to ensure the security and integrity of its users’ assets. 

Their fees are complicated, as they differ based on the amount of crypto you buy. In some cases, you’ll pay a flat fee, and in other cases, you’ll pay a percentage fee.

Overall, however, Coinbase’s fees align with what other regulated exchanges like Gemini charge. (See Gemini’s current sign-up bonus.)

Coinbase Earn (also called Coinbase Learning Rewards), is a great feature for anyone looking for free crypto

Sign up for Coinbase.

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