Get Free Samples: 10 Legit Sites, No Surveys Required

How to Get Free Samples
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Numerous websites, apps, and even Alexa will send you free items in the mail (usually with the expectation that you’ll provide feedback or write a short product review). This article highlights the best sites for getting free samples of beauty products, household goods, snacks and more. 

#1. PinchMe

PinchMe Homepage Screenshot

PinchMe will send you free sample-sized products in exchange for an honest review. You apply to test out each individual product, and filling out the surveys can take some time. You can apply for three items per day. 

As a bonus, when you apply to test products or take surveys, you get PinchMe coins that can be redeemed for free gift cards or used to get expedited shipping on your sample products.

It’s worth noting that PinchMe recently overhauled some aspects of how it operates, and some of the new changes have been causing headaches. For example, there are more hoops to jump through to apply for samples, and boxes seem to be fewer and further between than they used to be.

Also, it’s worth noting that some sample items have a catch associated with them. For example, you may need to pay a “reservation fee” and/or a small shipping charge for the “free” sample, or you may be automatically enrolled for a recurring subscription for the product you try out. 

Make sure to read the fine print. We never recommend paying for free samples, as often the shipping fee amounts to the full price of the item. If you’re required to enter a credit card, use a free burner card from with a spending limit to prevent being charged for unwanted items in the future. 

#2. Send Me A Sample

Send Me A Sample Homepage Screenshot

Send Me A Sample works with your Amazon Alexa, allowing you to order free sample products without using your computer or phone.

To get started, you have to sign up on the Send Me A Sample website, entering your name, email and shipping address. Once you confirm your email address, you can use your Alexa to link your account. After that, you simply tell Alexa, “Send me a sample,” when you want to check if any products are available. You can also subscribe to updates so you won’t miss new offerings.

The required Alexa Skill has 4.3 out of 5 stars, with most reviewers stating that they appreciate the easy way to get free products. Examples of common products include DripDrop electrolyte powders and Chomps beef jerky snacks, but many types of samples are offered. 

Be aware that samples seem to go out of stock pretty quickly, so you’ll need to request them soon after they’re made available.

#3. Sampler Homepage Screenshot

Sampler has been around for over a decade, and reviews say they are legit and consistent at giving the samples they promise. 

Unlike some websites that hide the names and products of their partners, has top products listed on their home page, as well as some of their big-name partners on their “About” page

They work with brands like Tim Horton’s, Carnation, M&Ms, Nutella, Kiehl’s and more. 

#4. Sample Source

Sample Source homepage screenshot

Sample Source not only sends out individual samples to participants in the U.S. and Canada, but they also invite certain members to receive seasonal boxes (e.g., spring, summer and fall) with multiple samples at a time. Unfortunately, not every member is eligible for a box each time one is available. 

Sometimes, samples come as a coupon for a product instead of the product itself. 

Sample Source maintains an active Instagram account where they give sneak peeks at upcoming samples. Past products have included Fancy Feast cat food, RX Bars, Cheez-It crackers, Hellman’s mayonnaise and more.

#5. Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finer homepage screenshot

Unlike some of the other options on this list, Free Stuff Finder isn’t a membership service but rather a curated list of companies offering free samples. This means you have to fill out your information (name, shipping address, etc.) for each product you’d like to try on the manufacturer’s website. Samples include beauty products, pet food, medicine, coffee and others.

The site also includes free events, digital downloads and other fun, atypical things that you might not think of as free samples.

#6. Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom homepage screenshot

Money Saving Mom is a parent-focused blog that has a subsection for free sample offers. It’s a compilation of brands and manufacturers that give out trial-size products. Items are mostly in the personal care and beauty category, and they are mostly geared toward women. 

Note that you’ll have to sign up for each product individually on the manufacturer’s website, not on Money Saving Mom itself. If you’re itching for even more free stuff, the main “Freebies’” section also includes other opportunities, such as events for giveaways at local shops and restaurants.

#7. Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times homepage screenshot

Free Stuff Times compiles a wide variety of offers, including free product samples, sweepstakes, coupons and a forum to discuss hot deals. The forum is fairly active, though you have to register to participate. 

Free items range from stickers to e-books to juice pouches. This site is fairly good about crossing out deals that are no longer available. Free Stuff Times also has an app to alert you to deals and freebies.

#8. Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff homepage screenshot

Sweet Free Stuff is one of the original freebie blogs, launching way back in 2002. They manage a list of offers and organize them into categories. If you don’t want to miss out on any swag, you can sign up for their newsletter. That way, you’ll be the first to hear when new freebies and deals are available.

While there is some crossover between this and other sites (such as PinchMe), there are quite a few deals here that you won’t see in other places, particularly in the categories of medicine, craft supplies and other household goods.

#9. I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things Homepage screenshot

I Love Free Things curates a well-organized list of free products and events, with a sample product list that is wider than most others out there. It includes educational materials for caretakers and teachers, birthday freebies, picture calendars, music downloads, and more. Like Sweet Free Stuff, they also have an email newsletter that goes out twice a week.

#10. Women Freebies

While the Women Freebies website has a late 1990s feel (and is plastered with ads), it does feature some great freebies and deals. You can get free tea, makeup, water bottles, snacks and more. The site also features sweepstakes, survey panel opportunities, and other non-free deals. Unfortunately, they’re all lumped together into one main feed. So if you’re looking for exclusively free items, you’ll have to comb through the list to find them.

Can You Get Free Samples On Amazon?

There are many websites that provide free product samples in exchange for Amazon product reviews. However, this practice violates Amazon’s terms of service, so we don’t recommend it. 

Outside of that, you can get authorized product samples by qualifying for Amazon’s Vine Voice program, which brands pay to be a part of. As a Vine Voice member, you’re allowed to receive products in exchange for your honest feedback. Unfortunately, there’s no way to apply for Vine Voice; it’s an invitation-only program, with invitations being linked to how helpful Amazon feels your product reviews are. If you’d like to join Vine Voice, the best bet is to write helpful reviews of everything you purchase on the site.

Another option is to use Send Me A Sample on your Alexa. You have to create an account to register, but after that, you can just say “Alexa, send me a sample” to see if there are any available products. Samples should arrive in about 14 days. Past campaigns have included water flavoring drops, makeup, and beef jerky.

Why Do Companies Send Out Free Samples?

You might be wondering why companies send out free samples in the first place. After all, they’re losing money on the product, plus the cost of the shipping. What’s in it for them anyway?

Many manufacturers and distributors ask for your opinion in exchange for free products, which gives them valuable feedback on what customers think about their products. These companies are also introducing you to their brands and creating a relationship with you, whether or not you immediately rush out to buy a full-sized product.

Free samples remove the barriers that customers have to trying new products. It’s a small amount, so if you don’t like the product, you haven’t wasted a whole container of it. And it’s free, so you’re not out anything for taking a gamble on a new brand, flavor or item.

Is your honest opinion and brand awareness worth shipping a sample-sized product to you? If it can make the company more money in the long run, then absolutely!

Summary and Final Thoughts

By signing up with a few (or all) of these sites, you can get free products in the mail to try without spending a dime. Companies are constantly changing their packaging, recipes and products, so these offerings change all the time. Signing up for multiple freebie channels can keep a steady stream of varied items coming to your door each month.

Apart from saving a bit of money by getting items for free, you can also discover some fun and exciting new brands and products that you might not have experimented with otherwise. 

Willing to spend a few minutes writing a detailed review? Check out the best product testing site for even more ways to get free stuff.

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