Webull Free Stock Promo: Up to 12 Free Stocks (Max Value $3,000 Each)

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Webull’s current free stock offer gives you up to 12 free shares valued between $3 and $3,000 each.

Here’s how to get the maximum number of free shares:

  1. Open a Webull account and verify your identity.
  2. Deposit any amount to receive six to 12 free shares. (The specific number you’ll receive is random). These shares are valued at between $3 and $3,000 each.

This offer is available only to U.S. residents who haven’t yet deposited in a Webull account. That means even those who have previously opened an account but have yet to deposit are eligible.

The offer period is from September 1, 2023, to October 10, 2023.

Important note! You have to claim your free shares in the “My Rewards” tab of the Webull app within 30 days (they are not automatically added to your account).

6 Things to Know Before Signing Up

Here’s what you should know about the Webull free stock offer, including its terms and conditions.

#1. The Odds of Receiving a Stock Valued at $1,000 or more Is 0.0001%

You have the following odds when receiving each free share of stock:

Price per share rangeOddsPercentage probability
$3 to $10 per share1:1.0298.04%
$11 to $100 per share1:50.761.97%
$101 to $999 per share84:20:000.02%
$1,000 to $3,000 per share167:40:000.01%

#2. Your Free Shares Are Available Five Business Days After Your Deposit Clears

You’ll be able to see which shares you’ve been given immediately after claiming them, but you won’t be able to sell them for five business days.

#3. There’s No Required Holding Period

You’re free to sell the stocks after they appear in your account. There’s also no requirement to maintain your deposit amount — you can withdraw your funds at any time and keep the bonus shares. 

#4. Retirement Accounts Are Not Eligible

While Webull allows you to invest in an IRA, deposits in an IRA do not qualify for this free stock promotion. 

#5. The Free Stock Offer Can Be Combined With Webull’s Free Crypto Offer

Existing Webull customers are eligible to earn $5 worth of crypto after their first purchase of crypto (minimum $1 purchase). Obtaining the free bonus shares does not disqualify you from this promotion. See here for complete details. 

See our list of the best crypto sign-up bonus promotions for more great free crypto offers.

#6. Webull Has a Generous Referral Program

Their current promotion allows you to get 20 shares of stock, valued between $3 and $3,000 each, for referring a friend. There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer. 

Webull Company Overview

Webull is a popular investing platform for beginners who are interested in actively trading stocks, thanks to its low overall platform costs, commission free trading, lack of minimum balance requirements, and easy-to-use mobile app. 

It also offers commission free options trading, access to fractional shares (with a $5 minimum), a paper trading platform, and an advanced suite of analytical and trading tools.

While the company does offer the ability to invest in an IRA — which its primary competitors (like Moomoo and Public) do not — there is no option for holding mutual funds within that retirement account.

Learn more about the platform in our in-depth Webull review

Webull Free Stock FAQs

What is the average value for Webull’s free stock offer?

Expect to receive fractional shares of stock valued in the $3 to $10 range for opening an account. When testing a similar version of this promotion, we received a total of $48.12 worth of stock. Most users report getting shares worth a total of $35 to $50. 

Are you taxed on the free stock you receive?

Yes, the value of the shares at the time of distribution will be reported as income from Webull. You’ll then be faced with the same tax situation as if you had purchased the stocks — i.e., short-term capital gains or long-term capital gains, depending on your holding period. 

Can you sell your Webull free stock?

Yes, once they’re cleared (which takes five business days) you can sell your stocks and withdraw the cash at any time. If you earned free shares through the deposit bonus, you can withdraw the funds you deposited (there’s no required holding period).

Can you fund your account with a credit card?

No, you cannot use a credit card to add funds to your Webull account; you’ll need to link a bank account and deposit cash.

How Does Webull’s Offer Compare to Other Free Stock Promotions?

While Webull doesn’t have the most lucrative free stock offer — unless you’re one of the very lucky few who scores a share worth more than $1,000 — it’s one of the easier bonuses to obtain and cash-out. 

When we evaluated the different free stock promotions, Moomoo’s current 16 free stock offer came out on top, as the odds of getting a more valuable share are higher:

Stock valueProbability
$3 to $9.9975%
$10 to $99.9914.9%
$100 or more0.1%

However, the Moomoo offer requires a $5,000 minimum deposit to get 16 free shares, and you have to keep the funds in your account for 60 days.

Is The Webull Free Stock Offer Worth It? Our Verdict…

Webull consistently offers solid free stock promotions. While the minimum value of $18 (the minimum number of shares multiplied by the minimum share price of the stock) isn’t the best free stock promotion available, it stands out for the following reasons:

  1. You can deposit as little as $.01
  2. There’s no required holding period. You can sell the shares and withdraw the funds — including your deposit amount — at any time with no costs or penalties.

While the probability of earning a share of stock valued above $10 isn’t high, the minimal effort required is a solid way to earn free stock.

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