KashKick Reviews: I Tried It and Here’s the Truth (Legit or Scam?)

Kashkick Review
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If you’re looking for a new side hustle to earn some extra money from home, you may have come across KashKick, a website that pays you to take online surveys and sign up for various offers. 

In our testing, we earned just $1.43 per hour with the app. These results are below average, compared to alternatives we’ve tested. 

This KashKick review will break down how the platform works and the different kinds of earning opportunities you’ll find, and includes detailed data from our testing to help you decide whether or not to sign up. 

You can also jump directly to our final KashKick verdict.


KashKick offers paid surveys and rewards for completing offers, like signing up for product trials. It's a legit platform that pays quickly, but the earning potential is low compared to more well-established platforms like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

  • Pays quickly — we received our PayPal cash a few hours after requesting it.
  • Has a generous referral program that pays you a percentage of your referrals' lifetime earnings.
  • Low pay when calculated on a per-hour basis ($1.43).
  • No way to sort or filter surveys.
  • Very high disqualification and error rate (66%).
  • Paid offer rewards can be taken back if you cancel the trial or subscription.

KashKick Basics

KashKick is a paid survey and online rewards site that’s similar to more well-known platforms like Swagbucks and InboxDollars. The site offers several ways to earn money, though as is often the case with reward portals, some ways work substantially better than others. 

Here are the most important things to note if you’re thinking about signing up for KashKick.

Five Key Facts About KashKick

  1. KashKick categorizes opportunities as either surveys or offers. Offers may include things like signing up for a product trial, playing web games and shopping online through the site’s cash-back portal.
  2. During our testing phase, we found offers that paid between $0.50 and $50. How much you can earn for completing an offer doesn’t always correlate with the difficulty or time spent.
  3. We found surveys that paid between $0.14 and $2.63 each. The surveys we attempted took between four minutes (the lowest KashKick-provided estimate) and 33 minutes (our longest survey duration) to complete. 
  4. You must earn at least $10 to cash out, which is neither low nor high compared to other reward sites.
  5. Accounts are labeled as inactive after 60 days and earnings in these accounts are forfeited.

In the sections below, we provide an overview of how closely the duration of each survey, and the end payment, match up with KashKick’s estimates. We’ll also cover our overall testing experience. 

KashKick Surveys

KashKick’s survey section is frustrating to use for a few different reasons. 

1. The disqualification rate is unusually high

Once you click to begin a survey, you’re required to answer a series of screening questions that determine whether or not you meet that particular study’s demographic and profile requirements. 

This is true of all survey sites, but some platforms do a better job than others when it comes to pre-screening users and suggesting relevant surveys that you’re likely to qualify for. How well a platform does this can have a significant impact on your earnings, because a good recommendation engine means you’ll waste less time.

With KashKick, we spent nearly two hours — around one third of our testing period — on unsuccessful surveys. We received either zero or nominal compensation for this effort.

Part of the reason for that massive time dump is KashKick’s extremely slow redirection process. When you fail to qualify for a survey, the site tries to automatically send you to another one. This process took as long as 12 minutes in some cases, and we were not always eventually matched with a survey.

2. There’s no way to sort the surveys offered 

One of the keys to optimizing your time on paid survey sites is prioritizing surveys based on their per-hour pay, and the best platforms allow you to sort surveys by criteria like total reward paid and estimated time to complete.

KashKick offers no sorting functionality whatsoever. Your only option is to scroll down through the list.

When you hit the end of the list, you can click “more surveys” to see additional options. No matter how many times you click that button, you never get to the bottom. So either KashKick has an infinite supply of surveys (which is unlikely), or their inventory is continuously reshuffled in an effort to keep you browsing.

Either way, it’s impossible to know whether you’re picking the best available options.

3. The review ratings shown appear to be meaningless

There’s an unnecessarily large tile (their size lengthens the time it takes to scroll through the available surveys) for each survey that shows key details, like the estimated completion time, earning potential and remaining slots available. This tile also shows a review rating, as in the screenshot below. 

Example of a KashKick survey tile.
Example of a KashKick survey tile.

We originally assumed these review ratings were based on feedback from users who completed that particular survey. However, after our testing we’re skeptical that the ratings have any meaning.

That’s because… 

  • We completed 11 surveys and were never asked to provide a rating. 
  • We weren’t able to view the individual ratings themselves. 
  • We noticed that some surveys had five-star ratings based on reviews from zero people.

See the screenshot below for an example:

No users reviews this survey.
A KashKick survey with a five-star rating from zero users.

It’s possible that these ratings are pulled from another data source. As a survey aggregator, the surveys you see on KashKick are supplied by third-party market research companies, so these figures may be provided by those firms. However, nothing of this sort is disclosed anywhere on the site.

This can be viewed as a minor detail, but we see it as a factor in the platform’s trustworthiness. Without transparency around what these numbers mean and where they come from, they amount to nothing more than a visual gimmick designed to make you think you’re taking high-quality surveys that have been vetted by other users.

KashKick Surveys: Potential Earnings

At the beginning of our research for this KashKick review, we collected data on a selection of the first 35 paid surveys shown to us in order to calculate the potential earnings offered by the platform.

These figures illustrate how much money a user could make in a best-case scenario where they qualified for every survey and spent no more than the advertised amount of time to complete each one. 

In the section below, you can see how much we actually earned. 

Total surveys reviewed:35
Total time to complete:10.75 hours
Total potential earnings:$7.06
Potential earnings per hour:65.6 cents
Average survey duration:18.4 minutes
Average survey pay:20.1 cents

At less than $1 per hour, KashKick comes in well below the best-paying survey sites. However, as you can see below, we did a little bit better than the advertised rate during our testing.

KashKick Surveys: Our Actual Earnings

Note that the surveys summarized above were documented at a single point in time by a member of The Ways To Wealth’s editorial team.

The surveys you’re offered may be different, as were mine. Here’s how I fared during my testing.

Total number of surveys attempted:32
Success rate:34%
Disqualification rate:50%
Error rate (timed out or crashed):16%
Advertised time to complete all 32 surveys:6.11 hours
Actual time to complete all 32 surveys:5.48 hours
Average survey duration10.28 minutes
Average survey pay: 20.3 cents
Earning per hour:$1.19

Here are a few takeaways regarding KashKick’s surveys, based on our testing

  • When considering all attempts, surveys on average took less than their estimated time to complete (whether successfully or unsuccessfully).
  • However, the 11 surveys we qualified for took substantially longer than expected. The worst example of this was a six minute survey that actually took 33 minutes to complete and paid just 19 cents.
  • The advertised per-survey pay is accurate when taken as an average, although 55% of the surveys we completed paid a different amount than advertised.
  • The disqualification and error rate is among the highest of the platforms we’ve tested. 

We attempted 32 surveys over one week. Of the 11 that were successfully completed, we weren’t paid for one and were paid less than the advertised rate for five others (though only by a couple of cents each).

Although we spent more time completing our successful surveys (11 surveys over 3 hours and 35 minutes for an average of 19.5 minutes per complete survey), the amount of time we spent on unsuccessful surveys was not insignificant. We burned 1 hour and 54 minutes on 21 unsuccessful surveys, which is about 5.5 minutes each. We were not paid for these surveys, so that’s nearly two hours of uncompensated time.

It’s worth noting that KashKick’s very low pay rate of $1.19 per hour is largely attributable to its absurdly low success rate. For example, if you remove unsuccessful surveys from our data, we completed 11 surveys in 182 minutes for total earnings of $6.52, which comes out to ~$2.17 per hour. That’s still low, but double what we actually earned. 

Here’s a log of each KashKick survey we attempted:

Advertised Time (Mins)Actual Time (Mins)Advertised PaymentActual PaymentResult
412$0.25$0.00Completed successfully but not paid.
111$0.81$0.00Survey crashed.
410$0.10$0.10Survey crashed, refreshed and ultimately completed successfully.
51$0.20$0.00Timed out.
59$0.20$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
61$0.19$0.00Timed out.
633$0.19$0.19Survey crashed, refreshed and ultimately completed successfully.
153$0.30$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
1013$0.17$0.17Disqualified, redirected to another survey, which was completed successfully.
1021$0.13$0.13Completed successfully.
833$0.13$0.13Completed successfully.
2522$2.65$2.63Disqualified and redirected to another survey, which was completed successfully.
83$0.13$0.00Disqualified, redirected, and then the survey crashed.
1029$0.34$0.00Survey crashed.
1528$0.20$0.19Completed successfully.
1219$0.24$0.23Completed successfully.
106$2.78$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
87$0.51 $0.00Disqualified.
912$0.87 $0.86Completed successfully.
114$0.97$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
112$0.97$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
132$0.90$0.00Redirected multiple times prior to disqualification.
1312$0.90$0.89Completed successfully.

KashKick Offers

We refer to online rewards offers as “money makers,” and they can be extremely profitable. In fact, completing offers is often the best way to make money on reward sites. For example, when we tested Swagbucks, our reviewer was able to earn $240 with about an hour of work.

Sometimes, these offers are free and just require signing up for a website. But in most cases, these offers require you to spend money in order to make money: you’ll sign up for a service and pay a fee, and then the rewards platform reimburses you a greater amount than you paid.

Related: Websites that pay you just for signing up

During our research for this article, KashKick had 38 offers available, which is far fewer than similar platforms. 

The tasks required varied widely depending on the offer, from signing up for a Sam’s Club membership or assorted financial services to downloading and playing mobile games. 

Here’s an example to show you what the offers section looks like:

KashKick Features offers section.
The KashKick featured offers section.

And here’s an overview of how some of KashKick’s offers compared to other sites. Note that we signed up for the first three offers listed below and the process was simple. We didn’t experience any glitches, and the promised earnings were posted to our account within a few days. 

LifePointsSign up with LifePoints and complete a survey.$2N/AN/A
P&G Good EverydaySign up.$0.50N/AN/A
Sharecare RXSign up for an RX card.$1N/An/A
Aspiration BankDeposit $25.$50N/AN/A
StashDeposit $5.$50N/A$75
AcornsDeposit $5 and pay one monthly fee.$35$50$50
Public.comDeposit $5.$20$35N/A

KashKick’s terms of service state that if you sign up and then cancel a partner offer, they can take back any related earnings. If they suspect that you signed up for the sole purpose of receiving a reward, KashKick can not only recoup the money you were paid for that offer, but can cancel your account entirely. If that were to happen, you would lose all of your accumulated earnings.

This policy is significantly more restrictive than other sites. For example, Swagbucks makes it clear for each offer whether there’s a requirement to stay signed up, and if so, it tells you exactly how long that requirement is (usually past the first billing cycle). 

KashKick Referrals Program

KashKick may have a wonky interface, glitchy low-paying surveys and a sub-par system for providing information about their surveys, but their referral program is pretty solid.

After you sign yourself up for an account, navigate to the referrals page to find a personalized link. You’ll earn 25% of the lifetime earnings for each person who signs up through your URL and 5% of their referral earnings.

With that said, I wouldn’t be able to convince my friends and family to work for $1.43 per hour — so I’m not sure how well this works in practice.

Getting Paid 

KashKick’s minimum payout amount is $10. This is not a particularly high threshold compared to other sites, but it did take us seven hours of testing to meet it. 

Once you hit that mark, you can cash out at any amount above $10. 

Cashing out my $10.02 balance was smooth and easy. I linked my PayPal account when I signed up, so all I had to do was head to the “Withdrawal” section of the “My Account” page, enter the desired amount and click the “Withdraw” button.

Note: KashKick only pays in PayPal cash — there’s no option to redeem your credits for gift cards.

I immediately received a pop-up (as shown below) indicating that the transaction was processing.

The KashKick cashout confirmation screen.
The KashKick payout confirmation screen.

The email I received said the funds could take up to 30 days to arrive, but my payment hit PayPal within a few hours.

KashKick FAQ

Does KashKick offer a signup bonus?

No, but it does pay $1 for completion of a profile survey. It may not seem like a lot, but it was the second-highest paying survey we were able to complete.

Does your KashKick account balance expire?

Yes, per KashKick’s terms of use agreement, if a user fails to log in for 60 days their account goes inactive and they lose any accumulated funds. Even if the user reactivates their account, they won’t get their money back.

Does KashKick have a mobile app?

Yes, if you have an Android, you can download a mobile app. iPhone users are out of luck as KashKick is not currently on Apple’s App Store.

Is KashKick available worldwide?

KashKick’s terms state that to participate you must be both a continental United States citizen and resident.

KashKick Review: Our Final Verdict

KashKick offers a quick and easy cash-out process and a great referral program, but our testing shows that it provides significantly less earning potential than competing platforms. Its high disqualification and error rate (64%), low payment per survey and limited selection of money-making offers make it hard to recommend.

So is KashKick legit? Yes. We were able to sign up, take surveys and get paid without any problems. And we appreciated how quickly the PayPal cash we earned hit our account.

But is KashKick worthwhile? We think there are better options. For those interested in paid online surveys, we recommend Survey Junkie, a well-established platform with a solid reputation. If you’re looking for a website that offers multiple ways to earn — like surveys, small tasks, watching videos and playing games — Swagbucks is the best option by a wide margin.

You can learn more about these two sites in our Survey Junkie review and our Swagbucks review.

Vanessa Zeigler
Vanessa Zeigler is a freelance writer and editor focused on personal finance and time management. She has an MBA from Duke University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). She writes about frugal-living techniques, side hustles, product testing, selling on Etsy and eBay, and using money-making apps. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Upwork and Etsy.


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    2. Yes, nuts. I’ve spent a week playing a game and right before I got to the 4,250 cash out, my game started over.

    3. I tried Kashkick out, mostly on the game offers. Installing the game with their link and reaching the levels required are fairly easy. Getting paid for it is another story. I completed a “Monopoly Go” offer for a payout of $90. They initially credited my account, but you can’t cash out instantly — you have to wait a period of time that was not made clear anywhere. For me, the funds release date was July 18, from a game installed in early May. However just last week my earnings disappeared for no apparent reason. I reached out to support twice and have received no reply. Their automated message says not to reach out multiple times, and that doing so won’t speed things up. Lol! I’ll keep you all posted.

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