If your dream gig is one that you can do from the confines of your own home, you may be in luck. The work-at-home market has exploded in recent years, thanks to the digital age.

Armed with nothing more than a phone, an internet connection, and your own will to succeed, you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

All it takes to cash in on that work-at-home market is knowing where you should look.

Whether you’re looking for a flexible, part-time gig or full time work, the opportunities are out there.

Here are 11 great ways to begin a new career or start a side hustle all from the comfort of your own home.

# 1 – Getting Paid to Read

Do you have a flair for catching other people’s mistakes? If so, you possess a valuable skill you should cash in on.

You won’t only be earning money through proofreading – you’ll be performing an important service. You’ll help make people’s written words flow better and remain mistake free.

Kick off your life as a proofreader by checking out this free workshop called: Learning the Skills You Need to Start Your Freelance Proofreading Hustle.

# 2 – Bookkeeping

There’s a lot of money to be earned from bookkeeping. Whether you just want to do it at home a few hours a week or you’d like to cobble together a whole career where you work from home, bookkeeping might be what you’re looking for.

You’ll need some general accounting skills to help you maintain financial records, however there’s no certification needed (like being a CPA). But because bookkeepers are used by so many businesses, finding work can be quite easy.

To begin a virtual bookkeeping business, learn the ropes from Ben Robinson, who used to own a CPA firm and now teaches others how to launch their own bookkeeping side hustle. Check out his free video series: How to Start Your Own Virtual Bookkeeping Business & Earn $80+/hr Without Going Into Debt.

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# 3 – Freelance Writing

If you love to do research and write about new things constantly, freelance writing will be right up your alley. Each day will bring new topics for you to learn and write about.

Whether you’re an experienced writer or a newbie, breaking into this career is relatively easy. It just might take some persistence before you land your first assignment and eventually find your niche.

Not sure where to start? Here’s more than 200 freelance writing niches hiring today.

# 4 – Go Out and Find a Remote Job

The quickest way to start working from home for many is simply switching to a company that hires remote workers.

This is easier said than done, especially if you search for a job the traditional way. As for every legit job on a site like Craigslist, there are multiple “to good to be true” opportunities, e.g. like this listing below!

Work at Home Jobs

Fortunately, the number of companies who hire remote workers is growing. And yes they offer things like  salary, benefits, opportunities to grow, etc…

Crazy, right? ?

One job site I often recommend is FlexJobs. FlexJobs screens each job listing — more than 30,000 of them — to be sure each company is legit.

Here’s the catch: FlexJobs is a paid membership site. To get full details of a job listing, you must sign up for their $14.95 monthly membership.

Fortunately, the quality of the listings is indeed worth the small price. Also, for free you can see what jobs are available. Then, once you find the right gig, there’s no contract so you can cancel at anytime.

To see what jobs are out there for you, visit FlexJobs here.

# 5 – Become A Virtual Assistant

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, almost everyone feels like they could use an assistant at some point. Why not become one to line your pockets and help a client out?

Sometimes people need a hand doing easy, but time consuming, things, like managing their email or doing social media marketing. It can be difficult to think of services to offer because sometimes you’re astounded anyone would pay you to do something that easy.

But it happens every day.

Not sure what you can offer a business owner or executive? Then check out this list of 150 ways you can make a living as a virtual assistant.

# 6 –  Transcriptionist

Many businesses need to hire transcriptionists to translate their vocalized statements into electronic or written documents. To be a transcriptionist, you should be a good listener, a fast typist, and have some decent punctuation skills.

To learn more, sign up for a free 7-lesson course here with Janet Shaughnessy. Janet began working from home as a medical transcriptionist in 2007 and now has her own transcription company.

# 7 – Blogging

Blogging can open up a whole new world to you. It can be thrilling to create a blog from scratch and tend to it day by day as you watch it grow and blossom. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to start one up. You can learn as you go along and take it at your own speed.

It can be a great source of steady and passive income, but it does take some work upfront, unpaid, to get to that point as you build your blog up.

If blogging sounds like a good fit for you, check out my free 7-day email course: How to Make Your First $1K Blogging.

In just one week, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to make your blog a success. Here is a quick breakdown of the daily lessons.

  • Day 1: Why you should or shouldn’t start a blog
  • Day 2: Finding your blog niche
  • Day 3: A simple guide on how to launch your blog
  • Day 4: How to draw a profit from your blog and make it relevant
  • Day 5: How to generate traffic to your blog
  • Day 6: Getting the biggest results in minimum time
  • Day  7: Free blogging resources you can turn to

Free Email Course: How To Make Your First $1K Blogging

The blueprint I used to earn my first $1K blogging. 

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# 8 – Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money is through affiliate marketing. While it certainly helps to have a blog, you can become a successful affiliate marketer simply through social media. And if you prefer more a steady income, you can focus on affiliates that have recurring revenue.

It gets even easier  when you have a proven course that shows you how to do it. In her online course, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who owns a popular personal finance blog, will share the secrets that have enabled her to make approximately $50,000 monthly from affiliate marketing. Her course I credit for helping set a vision for this blog early on, which now makes a full-time income.

To start your plan underway, check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course.

# 9 – Surveys

You’re not going to become rich filling out surveys – and that’s okay. It can still be a decent source of side income though.

This isn’t a career, but you can get a relatively small stipend every month if you want to earn extra pocket cash and don’t mind trading your time to fill out surveys. The surveys aren’t hard to fill out and they can even be fun at times.

After you sign up for a site, you’ll receive an email notification when there is a survey available to take.

The favorite survey site of readers of The Ways to Wealth is Survey Junkie. This site has the highest rating on TrustPilot of all survey sites and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

survey junkie Quick Summary

  • Earn money sharing your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services.
  • 92% Positive reviews on TrustPiliot (highest among survey sites)
  • Redeem points for PayPal or gift cards to stores like Amazon or Walmart.


# 10 – Freelance Work

The freelance market is flooded with many different types of work you can do at home. You can live in your pajamas while earning a decent living and bid goodbye to work-related transportation costs. Designing, marketing, public relations, and social media optimization are all fields you can tap into, but there are many more.

You’ll need the drive to complete your projects professionally and on time. The benefits to freelance work include flexibility and job security. If you have several clients, you won’t be at the mercy of a single employer who can choose to downsize you at their convenience.

The quickest path to finding freelance work is through sites like Outsourcely.

What I like about Outsourcely is they don’t take a cut from from the freelancer. Larger sites like Upwork, can take up to 20% of the pay. So if you earn $500, you may only see $400 with a site like Upwork.

What’s also nice is that employers pay a membership fee to post (you pay nothing). This way you know that each job is more credible, compared to other freelance sites where anyone can post.

Interested? Check out the latest job postings on Outsourcely here.

# 11 – Teach English Online

Quality tutors can be hard to find. You have to know the subject matter, but also how to help a variety of different personalities strive to do their best. It’s not easy to be motivating and inspiring, but the best tutors will pull it off and will be in high demand.

With this field, you can keep your hours flexible so you can have all the freedom you want.

What’s also nice about tutoring in 2018, is you’re no longer restricted to only local clients. With a company like VIP KID, you can make good money teaching English online.

As a VIP KID tutor, you’ll get some pretty nice benefits, such as:

  • Paying customers, lesson plans and course materials are ALL provided for you
  • Earn on average $19.50 an hour according to GlassDoor
  • Work when you want, where you want, and no need to worry about marketing your services as students are waiting for you
  • No startup costs or application fees

Also unique about VIP KID is that Kobe Bryant is an investor. (watch the video below to hear him talk about it).

Learn more here.

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11 Work-At-Home Jobs with a Steady Income

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