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Fastest Growing Stay At Home Jobs

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Looking for stay-at-home jobs that offer great opportunity today, but are also on track to grow in demand over the next decade? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We dug through the U.S. Labor Bureau Occupational Handbook, a well-researched guide on the occupations with the highest expected change of employment.

Then, we cross-referenced our findings with the best legit online job opportunities to compile this list of the fastest growing stay-at-home jobs.

Our list has something that’s a fit for you, regardless of your education level or whether you’re looking for a weekend, part-time, or full-time job.

To explore specific opportunities in each field, you can click the link under the name of each stay-at-home job to see current openings. The open positions are listed on FlexJobs, a site that specializes in remote and flexible work.

FlexJobs screens every opening, which means you’ll only find legitimate work with reputable employers (i.e., no scams like on Craigslist). You can browse the listings for free, but there’s a small monthly subscription fee to see the complete details. Use the code “WEALTH” when signing up to save 30%.

Learn more: Get all the details about FlexJobs in our in-depth review of the site.

Fast-Growing Healthcare Jobs

Given the changing age demographics in the United States, it’s not surprising that there are so many great work-at-home jobs in the healthcare field. Around 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day — a trend that will continue for the next decade, according to Pew Research.

As people get older, they need increasing amounts of care. A rapidly aging population means hiring an army of new employees at every stage of the process — from nurses to billing agents and everything in between.

Of course, insurance companies and healthcare providers are looking for ways to hire those employees and provide the necessary care while keeping costs as low as possible. That’s why this industry is one of the best ways to make money from home; companies are looking to save on overhead by shifting to an at-home workforce.

#1. Medical Assistant

See current medical assistant openings

Expected growth: 29% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $33,610 per year, or $16.16 per hour

Quick summary: Medical assistants handle administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, billing, and ordering supplies for private practices, hospitals, and medical facilities like rehabilitation centers and elderly care homes.

How to get started: No college degree is required to become a medical assistant. However, since billing is typically one of the main responsibilities of the role, taking a medical coding and billing course can increase your chances of getting a job quickly. There are even online courses you can take, and some programs have job placement assistance for students that have graduated.

#2. Health Technologist

See current health technologist openings

Expected growth: 13% (faster than average)

Median pay: $52,330 per year, or $25.16 per hour

Quick summary: The role of a health technologist encompasses a number of stay-at-home jobs, including diagnostics, sales, and record-keeping.

How to get started: Depending on the type of tech job, anything from a certification to a bachelor’s degree can be required. One of the most common stay-at-home jobs in this field is a lab sales rep, so prior sales experience is something many employers are looking for.

#3. Dietitians and Nutritionists

See current dietitian and nutritionist openings

Expected growth: 15% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $60,370 per year, or $29.02 per hour

Quick summary: Dietitians and nutritionists help clients design meal plans to improve their health and prevent or treat certain conditions.

How to get started: Both careers require a bachelor’s degree, and usually a license from the state you wish to work in. If you want to make this a work-at-home job, one of the best ways is by building relationships with others in the healthcare and fitness fields — like doctors, hospitals and personal trainers — who can refer potential clients to you.

#4. Health Services Manager

See current health services manager openings

Expected growth: 20% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $99,730 per year, or $47.95 per hour

Quick summary: A health services manager oversees medical facilities, departments, and medical practices. Because there are often changes to both healthcare regulations and technology, this job is in high demand.

How to get started: These jobs are typically at the executive level, so they require at least a Bachelor’s degree and a number of years of field experience before an employee will have the option to transition to a remote position. Once you reach that point, you’re often able to work as a consultant, splitting your time between your home office and facility visits.

#5. Registered Nurse

See current registered nurse openings

Expected growth: 15% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $71,730 per year, or $34.48 per hour

Quick summary: Stay-at-home jobs for RNs often mean working for an insurance company. A couple of job examples include answering patient calls regarding health concerns and reading medical files for insurance claims. These options can be a great choice if you love nursing in general, but aren’t crazy about the typical hours or working conditions.

How to get started: RNs need a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate degree in nursing, or a diploma from an accredited nursing program. They also have to pass the NCLEX exam and become licensed. Insurance companies are the best starting point when looking for stay-at-home nursing jobs, but some medical malpractice attorneys also employ RNs.

Fast-Growing Finance Jobs

If you’ve ever used an online bank, an online broker, or bought auto, homeowners or renters insurance online, then you know how many finance companies operate on the web. While traditional banks and financial institutions tend to be a bit stodgy when it comes to remote work, new startups in the industry are much more open to flexible working conditions.

On top of that, the recent boom in freelance work has created demand for these services from a new sector: individuals who are running their own one-person businesses. For these freelancers and entrepreneurs, it only makes sense to hire a remote employee to take care of these part-time financial and accounting tasks.

#6. Actuary

See current actuary openings

Expected growth: 22% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $102,880 per year, or $49.46 per hour

Quick summary: Actuaries evaluate the likelihood of potential events, like hurricanes and other disasters, using mathematical formulas and statistics. They then create policies designed to minimize the financial impact of those events. Actuaries are a vital part of the insurance industry.

How to get started: Most actuaries hold a bachelor’s degree and all must be certified. A strong background in math and statistics is required to work in the field.

#7. Financial Clerk

See current financial clerk openings

Expected growth: 10% (faster than average)

Median pay: $41,020 per year, or $19.70 per hour

Quick summary: The term “financial clerk” is a bit of a catch-all phrase that describes jobs including things like payroll, accounts payable, and credit manager. Most businesses require these services, and they’re increasingly hiring contractors as opposed to bringing on in-house employees.

How to get started: This is a great field for those who don’t have a college degree, as one is not typically required. It’s also great for those looking for side hustle ideas. Thanks to technology, what used to take several hours now can be done in minutes. While the tasks are essential for businesses, they often don’t require full-time employees, so those looking to make some extra money will find that these jobs fit into their spare time.

#8. Tax Preparer

See current tax preparer openings

Expected growth: 11% (faster than average)

Median pay: $39,390 per year, or $18.93 per hour

Quick summary: Tax preparers prepare and file tax returns for individuals and businesses.

How to get started: You don’t need a degree or licensing to work as a tax preparer, but some states do impose regulations. You might think this is only a good side income idea for a few months out of each year, but you can prepare taxes year-round if you work with self-employed clients who often file quarterly rather than yearly returns.

#9. Accountants and Auditors

See current account and auditor openings

Expected growth: 10% (faster than average)

Median pay: $70,500 per year, or $33.89 per hour

Quick summary: Accountants and auditors prepare financial records and ensure their accuracy. Some also prepare and file tax returns. As more people leave traditional employment to work for themselves (to be a personal finance blogger, for example), there’s an increased need for this type of support service.

How to get started: Many accountants hold a bachelor’s degree and some get the certification required to become a CPA (certified public accountant). Unlike financial clerk jobs, accounting positions are often full-time.

#10. Loan Officer

See current loan officer openings

Expected growth: 11% (faster than average)

Median pay: $63,040 per year, or $30.31 per hour

Quick summary: If you’ve ever applied to borrow money, a loan officer is the person who decided whether or not to give you the loan. Loan officers evaluate loan applications for individuals and businesses. Increasingly, lenders are finding that off-site contractors can get this work done just easily as full-time workers (and with less overhead costs).

That’s partially due to the fact that innovations in technology take much of the human analysis out of the equation; advanced metrics and algorithms make it easy to determine when to offer a loan (or not).

How to get started: Many loan officers hold a bachelor’s degree and most states require that they be licensed. Loan officers work primarily in the mortgage industry.

Fast-Growing Technology Jobs

STEM degrees are often touted as the path to high-paying careers, and they certainly can be. But those with STEM skills are in such high demand that many employers don’t require a degree and offer extremely flexible working conditions. That makes the field ideal for those looking for stay-at-home jobs and jobs that pay $20 an hour (and often much more).

#11. Software Developer

See current software developer openings

Expected growth: 24% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $105,590 per year, or $50.77 per hour

Quick summary: Software developers design everything from video games to apps to entire networks.

How to get started: Many developers have a bachelor’s degree, but if you don’t have four years to spend in college, you can attend a coding boot camp (some of which are offered online).

#12. Web Developer

See current web developer openings

Expected growth: 15% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $69,430 per year, or $33.38 per hour

Quick summary: Web developers create and build websites, focusing on everything from layout and visual appearance to how fast a site loads.

How to get started: Many web developers are self-taught, and with all of the tools available online, it’s relatively easy to create great-looking websites. That’s what makes this career great for those who want to be self-employed. Freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork have dozens of postings for web development projects.

#13. Film and Video Editor

See current film and video editor openings

Expected growth: 13% (faster than average)

Median pay: $58,990 per year, or $28.36 per hour

Quick summary: Film and video editors cut down raw footage, fix coloring and lighting problems, and add various special effects for movies, TV, and internet content.

How to get started: This is another area where freelancers will find numerous projects on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. If you’re interested in this field but don’t have a lot of experience, lowball bid on some freelance jobs in order to build up a portfolio and experience.

#14. Information Security Analyst

See current information security analyst openings

Expected growth: 28% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $98,350 per year, or $47.28 per hour

Quick summary: If you’re familiar with things like the Experian or Target data breaches, you won’t be surprised to see the huge expected growth in this field. Information security analysts design and implement systems to protect sensitive personal and financial information, in part to prevent identity theft.

How to get started: This field often requires a bachelor’s degree, and some employers want candidates to also be certified. Any sector that deals with sensitive information (e.g., the financial, healthcare and government sectors, to name a few) needs people who know how to handle cyber security.

#15. Technical Writer

See current technical writer openings

Expected growth: 11% (faster than average)

Median pay: $71,850 per year, or $34.54 per hour

Quick summary: Technical writers are teachers in a way. They write guides and instructions that teach laypeople how to do complex things. They might write training manuals to teach customers to use their company’s software programs, or even instructions on how to put together a piece of furniture.

How to get started: Tech writers are a hot commodity in the freelance world, but there are a surprising number of full-time positions on Flexjobs. This can be a great field to get into if you’re interested in freelance writing, proofreading and blogging, as it tends to offer solid pay that can supplement your income while you build up your audience and/or portfolio in those other fields.

Other Fast-Growing Work-From-Home Job Fields

Because so much business is conducted online these days, there are almost no fields that don’t have a need for at least some at-home workers. That’s why some of the jobs on this list don’t fall into a specific category.

#16. Social and Human Services Assistant

See current social and human services assistant openings

Expected growth: 16% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $33,750 per year, or $16.22 per hour

Quick summary: This isn’t one of the jobs that pay $20 per hour, but people who work in the field of social and human services don’t do it for the money. Those in this industry work alongside social workers and mental health professionals to help people and families in difficult circumstances.

How to get started: Volunteering in your local community is a great way to get a foot in the door in this industry. Many programs that fall under this heading are understaffed and underfunded. If you’re already involved, you’ll be the first to know and among the first to be considered when a paid position is available.

#17. Paralegals and Legal Assistants

See current paralegal and legal assistant openings

Expected growth: 15% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $50,940 per year, or $24.49 per hour

Quick summary: Paralegals and legal assistants work alongside attorneys to conduct research, maintain case files, and draft legal documents.

How to get started: Many employers require only an associate degree or a certificate in paralegal studies. However, this is a job that requires some experience. To avoid the old conundrum of not being able to get experience if you can’t get hired, and not being hired because you lack experience, find an internship. In this field, internships usually pay and are open to people of all ages.

#18. Interpreters and Translators

See current interpreting and translating openings

Expected growth: 18% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $49,930 per year, or $24.00 per hour

Quick summary: Interpreters and translators convert a spoken or written language into another. This field includes those who know sign language.

How to get started: Many industries need translators, including the medical field, the legal field, and government. A passing knowledge of a second language is not sufficient for either of these careers — you must be fully fluent.

#19. Market Research Analyst

See current market research analyst openings

Expected growth: 23% (much faster than average)

Median pay: $63,120 per year, or $30.35 per hour

Quick summary: Filling out online surveys is a great side income idea. The person on the other end of that survey is a market research analyst. They do research into market conditions to see what kinds of products and services consumers are willing to pay for (and how much they’re willing to pay).

How to get started: If a company has a product or service to sell, they have a need for market research analysts. They often outsource this work to big firms like Vindale Research and YouGov. Many employers require a bachelor’s degree, and candidates need strong math and analytical skills.

#20. Property Manager

See current property manager openings

Expected growth: 10% (faster than average)

Median pay: $58,340 per year, or $28.05 per hour

Quick summary: A property manager handles many aspects of residential and commercial rental properties, including finding and vetting tenants, scheduling maintenance and repairs, and collecting rent payments.

How to get started: A great way to get your foot in the door in this field is to become an Airbnb co-host for an owner who is offsite or simply not interested in the day-to-day duties involved in renting out a property. Many aspects of this job can be automated, meaning that if you get into this business you can handle multiple properties almost as easily as a single property. More properties, more money!

#21. Marketing Manager

See current marketing manager openings

Expected growth: 10% (faster than average)

Median pay: $132,620 per year, or $63.76 per hour

Quick summary: Marketing managers create promotions and design marketing tools to increase business for companies of all sizes, with a particular focus on paid social media ad campaigns and search engine optimization.

How to get started: This is another great field for freelancers, as marketing manager jobs abound on Fiverr, Upwork and other job sites. If you don’t have previous experience, check out Coursera, which has dozens of online classes available.

#22. Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

See current event planner openings

Expected growth: 11% (faster than average)

Median pay: $49,370 per year, or $23.74 per hour

Quick summary: Planners coordinate various types of events, from conferences to festivals arranging things like food, beverages, accommodations and transportation.

How to get started: Hospitality experience is helpful. Use the app MeetUp to get involved with local social and networking groups, and then offer to plan events to gain experience.

Summary: Stay At Home Jobs Growing In Demand

It’s a good thing to be a skilled worker in a high-growth industry. You’ll have more opportunity to grow in your role and increase your income, along with better long-term job security.

Whether you’re a stay at home mom looking for a way to buff up your family’s income or a freelance writer aiming to gain more freedom and flexibility, the jobs on this last give you numerous opportunities to build a better future. All you have to do is seize it by taking one step towards landing your ideal remote job.

Keep in mind that FlexJobs has remote job listings in many other fields, with new jobs posted on a daily basis. Some of the ones that aren’t listed above — like graphic designer and bookkeeper — have outstanding starting pay rates. And others, like data entry and being a transcriptionist, are great work at home opportunities that allow you to make your own schedule even if you lack experience or skills within a specific field.

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