Robinhood Referral Code: Get Up to $200 In Free Stock

Robinhood Referral Code
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Referral link:raymonw-fe0e7e
You get:$5 to $200 in free stock.
We get:$5 to $200 in free stock.
Requirements:Link a bank account.
When can you cash out?You must wait three trading days to sell your free stock and 30 days to withdraw the funds.

Robinhood gives new users free fractional shares for signing up and linking a bank account.

To get this free stock bonus, you have to sign up through a referral link like this one, where you’ll see a page stating, “Your free stock is waiting for you.”

There is no way to manually enter a referral code. It’s automatically applied when you click a valid referral link. 

No deposit or transaction is required to earn this bonus. You must, however, link a bank account to be eligible.

You can expect to receive anywhere from $5 to $200 in free stock, with Robinhood stating that there’s a 98% chance of being awarded shares with a total value of $5 to $10. 

Once you link a bank account, you’ll be prompted to choose which company you want your free shares of stock in. You can pick from a list of the top 22 U.S. companies based on market cap (examples include Amazon, Apple and Microsoft). Once you choose the company, you’ll find out how much free stock you’ve been given. 

You can sell the stock after three trading days, but the money cannot be withdrawn from your Robinhood account until 30 days after it’s been claimed.

Robinhood is a free app with no monthly fees, so this truly amounts to free money and is one of the top sign-up bonuses available.

Robinhood Overview

Robinhood is one of the most popular brokerage platforms. It first became well known for its free stock trading and zero-fee model, and is a favorite for beginners as well as many young, tech-savvy investors. Robinhood offers a great user experience, but as its competitors have lowered their fees, Robinhood’s fee-free trading is no longer a distinct advantage.

You can trade stocks, options, ETFs and select cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin and ethereum) on Robinhood, but it does fall short when it comes to the advanced financial tools and research capabilities often required by more experienced traders.

Despite these limitations, Robinhood’s no-fee model makes it a viable option for budget-conscious traders looking to invest in individual stocks

It’s also one of the few commission-free trading apps that offers both a traditional (taxable) brokerage account along with an optional (tax-advantaged) IRA account. 

Robinhood Referral Program

Each user is provided a unique Robinhood referral link that they can share with friends and family. 

When a new user signs up for Robinhood by clicking your referral link, both you and your referral will get $5 to $200 in free stock. 

Robinhood’s referral program allows you to earn a maximum of $1,500 in free stock each calendar year. 

Other Free Stock Bonuses

More and more brokerage companies are offering free stock to new users. Our dedicated page on how to get free stocks lists the best offers currently available.

Current offers include:

CompanyFree Stock Offer
MoomooUp to 15 free shares worth at least $2 each.
WebullUp to 75 fractional shares worth between $3 and $3,000 each, depending on how much you deposit.
Stash$20 in free stock for a 1 cent deposit.
SoFi$25 in free stock with a $10 deposit
Stockpile$10 in free stock.
TradeUpUp to $3,600 in free stock with a minimum $100 deposit.

Two brokerages known for offering high free stock bonuses include Moomoo and Webull.

The latest Moomoo free stock offer allows you to earn up to 15 free shares, while the latest Webull free stock offer allows you to earn between 3-75 free shares.

Robinhood Referral Code: Final Verdict

The Robinhood app sign-up bonus is one of the few that doesn’t require you to make a deposit. While there’s a 98% chance the value of your free shares will be $5 to $10, it’s hard to beat free money.

If you want to earn a larger bonus and plan to transfer or deposit a significant sum, check out the best brokerage offers to see transfer bonuses up to $10,000.

Join Robinhood to claim the referral bonus.

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