When I compiled the list of 50+ Ways You Can Make Money From Home and 33 Legit Online Jobs Where You Can Earn Over $50,000 Working From Home, something happened that I didn’t expect.

It reminded me of all the good side hustles I’ve tried. Some succeeded. Some failed. But with each attempt I had a good story, lesson, or tips to share.

For today, I thought it would be fun to share the good side hustles — i.e., that ones that actually worked. 

There are 13 side hustles that I counted. With the first 12, I was able to generate at least $1,000 of income in a month.

I’ve put them in order from largest to smallest, with regards to earnings.

13 Good Side Hustles I’ve Tried To Make Extra Money

#1. Investing

The #1 way I’ve made money outside of a job has been investing.

Not day trading or betting on stocks. My strategy is simple — index investing.

What’s worked has been contributing to my 401(k), maximizing my IRA, and putting as much money as possible into index funds.

While I’d love to brag about my successes with individual stocks, that’s only half the story. Because when I did hit a home run, I didn’t even have to pay taxes on it (due to loss carryovers).

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#2. Blogging

Next up is blogging.

I started my first personal finance blog in 2009, spent two and a half years building it up, and then sold it.

It wasn’t a life-changing sum of money, but it was enough that my wife and I were able to take time off work to travel.

Plus, blogging acted as the gateway to other ways of making money online. Once I built up my skills as a blogger, I got into other good side hustles, like web design and freelance writing.

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How to make $1,000 blogging

#3. Freelance Web Design

For about 18 months, I was an active freelance web designer. The money was solid but I stopped to focus on this blog.

What lead me to become a web designer was the necessity as a PPC Manager.

What made this a good side hustle was that I was one of the early users of Unbounce. This allowed me to log hundreds of hours using the software before it really took off. I became the go-to-guy on Upwork for Unbounce landing pages.

#4. Freelance Writing

I’ve leveraged my credentials as a CFP® and my experience blogging to land clients as a freelance writer.

My most successful client was a credit counseling company. A typical project was a 10,000-word beginner guide to some aspect of personal finance.

We worked together for over 2+ years.

Free Resource: Freelance Writing for Beginners — How to Land Your First High-Paying Client.

#5. Google PPC Management

I learned Google PPC management through my employer. I was then able to land other PPC clients freelancing.

Clients included a high-end home builder, a chiropractor, a banquet facility, and a financial services company.

I like PPC management. It’s time-consuming to get set up, then requires testing a bunch of ideas. It’s also very analytical, so you and the client know exactly how the campaign is running.

#6. Credit Card Offers

I’ve made quite a bit of money, as well as saved quite a bit of money with credit card offers.

This year alone, I’ve cashed in over $2,500 in points.

In past years, I’ve been able to fly to South America, Kauai, and a number of domestic locations for little or no cost.

This is the advantage of having a high credit score.

Tip: I’ve followed The Points Guy to keep me up to date on offers.

#7. Cash Back

Sites like Rakuten and Swagbucks, which allow you to earn cash back for your purchases, are good side hustles.

Since I’ve been an active Amazon shopper for quite some time, I can typically make back a few hundred dollars a year.

#8. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a side income idea I tried for myself in May of 2017.

I’m excited for the future with this one, which I’ll be sure to provide updates in my monthly blog income reports.

If you want to learn how to get started, check out our complete guide to selling on Amazon — it goes over all the different ways to take advantage of the massive retail platform.

#9. Ebay

It’s been a while since I sold something on ebay, but over time I have sold enough to get a teal star next to my name.

In college, I actually was the ebay guy. I’d sell other people’s unused phones, and the expensive clothes their parents bought them.

I’d then take a percentage of the sale.

#10. Car Wash

During a summer break in college, I started a car washing business. I partnered with a local country club where I washed members’ cars while they were golfing. 

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#11. Sites Like Craigslist

Lately, I’ve turned to Craigslist (and sites like it) over ebay when I have something to sell.

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and similar platforms are easier and don’t charge any fees.

I’ve had a lot of luck with furniture and old golf clubs.

Resource: Our list of the best sites like Craigslist for buying and selling.

#12. Coaching

My first year out of college, I coached basketball at my local high school.

The pay was low but the work was rewarding.

#13. Surveys

My policy isn’t to recommend something I wouldn’t try myself.

So, when I wrote the post Top 10 Survey Sites That Pay Cash, I went ahead and signed up for each of the sites and did a couple of surveys.

Surveys are a good side hustle for those needing income quick. Just don’t expect to get rich off of them.

A few easier ones to start with are: